Made for Your Restaurant Business

The DinePlan Suite has been built from the ground up keeping in mind the complex workflows of the various restaurant business models.

DinePlan adapts to the dynamic, and often complex, specifications of fine dining places, fast food restaurants, franchise operations, coffee shops, pizzerias, bakeries, food courts and cloud kitchens.

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Get the most out of your restaurant business

Feels Light

The software is extremely light and responsive, whether it runs on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a basic Android phone. Almost all the Operations should be completed in just 3 steps at lightning speed.

So Reliable

The DinePlan Suite is designed to handle sudden rush of guests and high transaction volume - owing to local events, holidays, peak hours, promotions, media mentions, etc. - with effortless ease.

Instant Love

Your employees will learn the product instantly, because it’s developed ground up to be utmost user-friendly. It may become love at first sight, like it has been for many of our other customers.

A Complete Solution

The DinePlan Suite fulfills the entire gamut of food and beverage industry needs. You don’t need to spend money on another tool, system, add-on to manage your operation.

Feels Like You Built It

Most of the WorkFlow of the Industry are already built in, the DinePlan Suite will work precisely the way you’ve set up your restaurant. No need to learn anything new. Plus, it can speak your language, too!

We’re Committed

The DinePlan Suite is our only product and we’re committed to make it the best restaurant management solution in the market. This product gets our full attention at all times.

Our Customers

  • “We were in the need to deploy the solution to cope up with Malaysia GST and a company called TechnoGrid have implemented the solution in two days and most of our staffs have picked up the solution in no time. It runs nearly flawlessly, and DinePlan stays on top of POS Software that we used for the past 16 years. There is really nothing I can say bad about the the product.”

    Burhan Owner - Original Kayu Penang

  • I’ve used many Point of Sale systems in the past, but find DinePlan to be an easy-to-use system. We have people in our organization who have never used this type of software in the past and find it to be very intuitive and easy to learn. Onboarding the system was painless, and it synced to our accounting System seamlessly. I would highly recommend DinePlan to anyone who startup the restaurant. One of the system highlights was how well it handles multiple locations.

    Mastura Didih Owner, Hjh Maimunah Restaurants