Top 3 Must-Have Restaurant Technologies To Run A Successful Restaurant Business

Restaurant Technologies

We all know how glorious Restaurant Industry looks like from outside whereas in the inside we are fighting for survival. The reality of the restaurant industry is thin profit margins, increasing food and labor costs. Above all, the increasing competition gives no respite to restaurateurs either. Thus comes the need for restaurant technologies.

Why Invest in Restaurant Technology

Deploying Technological innovations in your restaurant can reap you benefits beyond your imagination. One such important technology is a Point Of Sales Software. These innovations are trending as it makes your operations and sales management much more smooth and efficient.

An ideal restaurant technology must understand the trends and challenges in your type of restaurant. In addition to 24×7 assistance, it helps you to reduce labor and food costs, highlight the improvements needed to deliver better customer service. Also, automation is a great way to reduce human errors, less investment, and get a clear picture of your restaurant status in real-time.

Such diversity in market trends leads to the presence of various types of restaurant technologies. Now coming to an ideal technology to invest in, we have compiled for you a list of must-have restaurant technologies.

3 Must-Have technologies in your restaurant business

These are the top 3 restaurant technologies that you must invest and deploy in your restaurant immediately. It also provides you with several reports to analyze and improve the business strategy. You may check it here.  All these innovations are POS integrated and free of the size of your restaurant or the format.

  1. Cloud-Based Restaurant POS

The most important technology in any restaurant these days is POS software. A cloud-based POS is much more advanced than legacy POS as it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Having a cloud-based POS software gives you many additional benefits.

  • One of the biggest advantages of deploying POS software is that all your orders are in one place. Be it from various online Food aggregators, website, facebook, direct footfall, etc. All orders will come directly in your POS software along with the display of the source.
  • This means that from one single terminal of PC or tablet, you will easily be able to manage orders from all sources.
  • This also reduces the labor costs as the automation will reduce the need for many hands for various jobs. One can easily manage the order from the cash counter itself. All these orders in your POS software will be instantly reflected in the Kitchen Display System.
  • In addition, such robust automation reduces the chances of manual errors.
  1. Inventory Management Solution

Managing inventory is a very tedious task for any restaurant whether big or small. It goes without saying that your restaurant inventory is the backbone of your restaurant. It leads to success, even if doesn’t create more sales but reducing food costs can definitely leave you with higher profit margins. An ideal POS provides you robust Inventory Management Solution which manages your inventory like a star.

Let us learn what all it can do for you:

(i) Live Inventory Tracking

With the help of restaurant pos software, you can keep a track of your inventory in real-time from any time, anywhere. Based on the orders received and prepared, the software will update the inventory count itself. Hence, in real-time you will know what’s there in stock, and what needs to be re-ordered. This will help you optimally and efficiently manage your inventory.

(ii) Closing And Opening Stock is Important

See, when you deploy staff for your inventory, the role of the manager is to record the opening and closing stock. This process consumes a lot of time, tedious, and definitely vulnerable to errors and prone to misuse. Hence, POS software can easily resolve all these issues as it offers a stellar feature of Inventory Management. This feature automatically registers the opening and closing stock of the day so you know the current status. Finally, comparing these figures with your daily sales, you will be able to track the food wastage and also reduce the cost.

(iii) Reporting Analytics

A restaurant management software does a lot more than managing inventory count for you. POS software also generates reports on the daily consumption of your inventory. These detailed reports have information like the consumption of each ingredient, daily generated waste, the variance of stock, etc. This level of understanding about your inventory will help you to make data-driven decisions thus reducing your food cost. In addition, you will know the inventory patterns of your restaurant, understand the daily usage, and even control inventory theft which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

You may also learn more about it in our detailed article on Inventory Management.

  1. Table Management System

We all understand that these days, competition and expectation is so high that customers do not like to wait in a queue for a table. Whether it is casual or fine dining, people reserve tables in advance. A Table reservation or queue management system will enhance your customer experience. This stellar feature will enable your customer to book in advance and for you to set up pre-order seamlessly. It is also beneficial for restaurants to automate reservations process and freeing up staff for other operations.

Above mentioned Restaurant technologies are imperative for restaurant businesses and also have a huge role to play in the future.


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