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Smart Restaurant Upselling Techniques to Increase Revenues – DinePlan

Smart Restaurant Upselling Techniques to Increase Revenues

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Every business wants to make more money and there are no bad things about it. For the restaurant industry, Upselling works very well in order to increase the value of the bill. Upselling is a simple act that leads the customers to upgrade their purchase and buy more items. In fact, Upselling high- profit margin items can increase the overall profits in the restaurant. Also, Upselling is much more than sales and requires skills like discretion and knowledge. It is more like customer service than just regular sales-y pitch we use. If you use it smartly and effectively in a subtle way, then these techniques will not end up annoying the customer. So today we will about stellar ways for upselling your restaurant items with restaurant pos technology.

How to Employ Restaurant Upselling 

‘Would you like some extra cheese in it?’ This is a simple yet very effective way of upselling in restaurants which makes a lot more money.

This is a simple and harmless question that adds value to the customers, their preferences and your credibility. Most of the times it acts as an instant impulsive craving for them. So today we are going to talk about some smart tips of upselling to try in your restaurant.

  1. Train Your Staff for Restaurant Upselling

It is important for your servers to understand the significance of upselling. Also, it is imperative for them to know the menu by heart, including all new items. For upselling they must know which items they should be focusing on. For example, you may like to introduce your new sandwich menu or dessert, etc.

Train your staff to be more of a connoisseur who should know the menu inside and out! Your well-trained staff can always recommend the guests with the items that pair well like fries or side items. This way your upselling techniques will be more welcomed than looking dull or sales-y. It will also add credibility and positive reviews to your restaurant.

(i) Building Rapport

When you see the guests are unsure or confused while ordering, that’s a great opportunity for upselling. An easier way to judge is when they ask too many questions or taking time to decide. Patiently answer all their queries and win their trust. Once the customer feels comfortable then you can recommend them your Restaurant Specials, combos, etc for upselling.

 (ii) Upsell High-Profit Items

Usually, the staff recommends the expensive item for upselling than the customers’ intent to buy. In order to make it more effective, the servers must be thorough with the items, prices and profit margin on each one of them. For example, for a particular burger, you can recommend another option with the same price and a higher profit.

  1. Menu Upselling

Here comes the role of strategically designing the Menu. You must be wondering why it so important. Your Menu must be designed in a way where you smartly position your high-profit items to catch the customer’s attention. For example, customers have a tendency to read from the top right instead of the left page. This means you have a high chance of selling your high-profit items there to lure the guests. Even your Menu descriptions are essential for upselling the food items.

The Power of Positioning

Though it may seem a very small task knowing about customer psychology is important. Well, the positioning of the food images and text fonts on your menu can be very powerful to lure the customers. There’s a reason why you always see the McDonald’s Burger with Fries and Coke in your meal. You may like to position your high-profit items on the same plate to persuade your guests for complimentary orders. To learn more about Menu Engineering, Click here.

  1. Employ Marketing to Upsell

Marketing is essential for both selling and upselling your items. Thus, it is important for your restaurant to strategize mindfully for multiple campaigns. Your marketing campaigns should be such which can enhance the relationship between both the restaurants and the guests.

Display or Recommend Menu Specials

For a first time customer is may be difficult to choose what to order and they may miss out on your specials. Displaying your Specials Card on every table could be a very beneficial strategy for your business. This will attract the attention of your new customers. Also, your staff members can recommend the Menu specials to increase sales or upsell.

  1. Leverage Technology

Nowadays, even the restaurant industry has scope for many upselling opportunities by simply using their Customer Data. On a daily basis, your restaurant acquires customer data, such as contact details, names, and orders, etc. These details are very important to your restaurant in order to analyze the data for potential upselling opportunities. Let’s see what all can be achieved with restaurant pos technology.

(i) Upsell Online Orders

Online Ordering is becoming more and more famous which means the scope of upselling is equally high. One of the popular ways which marketers follow is “customers that ordered this, also ordered…”, “recommended for you”, etc. These have proven to be an effective upselling technique. Since the reach of customers is higher, this means there’s a scope of a higher return per ticket.

(ii) Use Your POS to Upsell

Your restaurant pos technology has evolved significantly over a period of time. It fulfills many more roles than just billing. Nowadays, pos software is integrated with the CRM, which manages all your customer data and can recommend to customers. Based on the customer details and their ordering history, it is also handy to staff who can suggest and upsell items.

We hope these simple and basic tips enhance your upselling techniques in your restaurant. In addition, it adds to the revenue flow for your restaurant, without compromising on the customer’s experience. If you have not tried upselling in your restaurant before or it is not very effective, then try these!


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