7 Important Reports You Need To Boost Your Restaurant Business

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When talking about the restaurant industry, there’s so much happening inside a restaurant that it becomes difficult to manage all. It is definitely physically draining for restaurateurs to look after every area which may require assistance. And of course, without technology and automation installed in the business, it is practically not possible to evaluate the performance of each task. Evaluating and analyzing activities is important to take corrective measures to enhance your restaurant business. Let’s say, if your whole time is spent in only doing operational activities in the restaurant, then how will you know where your business stands? Of course, you can appoint a manager but that does not suffice the need. In this competitive industry, it is important for you to have every detail which only your Restaurant POS System can provide.

Read this article on what an ideal POS software can do for you.

Also, read below to understand why Reports and Analytics are important for your restaurant business and what it can do for you.

How A Restaurant POS System Provides Complete Control Over Your Business

A restaurant POS is all that you need to deal with your day-to-day challenges at your restaurant. What does it do for you? To start with, it takes care of both backend and frontend operations seamlessly. Also, it gives the restaurateurs complete control over the business from anywhere, anytime!

The restaurant POS provides you various real-time analytical reports to graphically and numerically understand all the daily operations. These reports enable you to measure the performance of each activity based on which you can improvise.

So today we will specifically talk about the list of reports you need to have complete control over your business.

  1. Restaurant Sales Report

Sales reports are important not only to know the current status of the sales but also what can be achieved. These reports are imperative for not only the restaurants but also for all businesses to see how it can be improved.

A Point of Sale System gives you detailed sales reports on the go and also analyze the customer trends. With the increase in competition, any restaurant sustains only on the sales; therefore restaurant owners need to keep a close check on it.
Nowadays restaurant management software provides you reports for both real-time sales and selected time periods.

In times when you are not physically able to make it to all the outlets, your cloud-based pos system provides you real-time reports on your Mobile. ISn’t that Smart?

Smartly use of the sales reports of your restaurant and stay ahead of your competition!

  1. Billing Reports

Analyzing the billing reports is as important as analyzing the sales reports as restaurateurs have to take care of what’s coming in.

It is hence important to keep a track of the bills generated at your restaurant. Your smart POS system will give you details about all the outlets under one brand and device in real-time. Also, you can access all such billing reports from your Android Mobile phone for on-the-go services. Billing is something you keep a close check to maintain a healthy cash flow in the business. Lastly, it also provides you detailed offered discounts on each bill to track if employees provided any unnecessary discounts.

  1. Inventory Reports

All restaurateurs have a common problem in managing the inventory. It is indeed one of the biggest challenges for all restaurateurs. In order to reduce Food costs and internal theft, it is important to manage inventory levels. An ideal restaurant POS system enables you with a robust inventory reporting feature. It also provides you detailed Inventory reports about the current status of the inventory, forecasts about the future, etc. Also, it calculates the variance between the actual and ideal inventory status.

You can get real-time reports about the inventory levels and analyze the stock-in/stock-out reports. Lastly, it also keeps a close track of the PO and Vendors. This lets you manage the raw materials efficiently and avoid any wastage. You can learn more about Inventory Management for your Restaurant in this article.

  1. Item-level Reports

Having a Menu in a Restaurant is not only for serving the food but also to understand what your customers like. Hence, Menu Engineering is an essential activity to be performed regularly to increase the sales of your restaurant. So what are Item-level reports and why are they useful?

These reports about the performance of each item mentioned in your Menu Card. A restaurant POS system provides you these item-level reports to better analyze the menu items which are performing better.

These reports are generated by keeping a close check on the best-selling items, popular items, high-profit-margin items, etc. This report determines the performance of each menu item for smart and better decision making.

In addition, through these reports, you can also gain more profits, eliminate the non-performing menu items and invest in the performing ones. We have mentioned some cool ways of Menu Engineering Here, Take a Look!

  1. Employee Reports

Most of your operations are handled by the staff and employees in your restaurant. Of course, it is challenging to manage everything from business to the performance of the staff. However, your employees are an integral part of your business and they need your attention too. Hence, it is important to monitor their performance regularly and make them feel valued.

Your robust cloud-based pos software enables you to manage the employee’s performance without any hassles. Also, the software enables you to view the reports like tables served, bills generated and attendance of each employee. 

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Reports

We have been talking about the importance of having a strong and robust CRM set-up in your restaurant business. Your cloud-based system shall be integrated with CRM technology to capture the customer data. So what Customer data CRM must capture? Starting from the customer’s details like Name, contact number, email, address, etc. it must capture all these details. In addition, your CRM must provide you the details of customer order history and reports to analyze the trends.

In any restaurant business, these reports play a very significant role to identify the buying behavior of the customers.

Also, CRM reports enable you to determine the guests who spend more or visit frequently. This way you can also send personalized promotional campaigns via emails and SMS. Lastly, your CRM integration gives you access to in-depth knowledge of the average check size, visit dates, etc.

This way you can learn a lot more about your guests’ experience and make better decisions to boost the business. To Understand how to run more effective Customer Retention Campaigns, Click Here!

  1. Multiple Outlet Reports

As a Restaurant chain with multiple outlets, we can understand the challenges faced at managing all of them centrally. An ideal Restaurant management software has a robust report feature which will enable you to monitor all your outlets.

Wondering what all it provides? Starting from billing, daily sales, inventory status, etc. all reports are available at one preferred device for all outlets. This enables restaurateurs to monitor all outlets centrally without making their presence necessary in all branches at all times. These Multi-outlet reports feature to give you complete business control of your brand. If you want to learn in detail about how to manage your multiple outlets, Click Here!

Cloud-based restaurant POS system generates reports and analytics enabling you to make a wiser and better-informed decision for your business.

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