How restaurant pos software provides you Analytics to Boost Your Restaurant Business

How restaurant pos software provides you with necessary analytics to boost your restaurant business.

As a restaurant owner for multiple outlets, it is challenging to manage all operations by yourself. More so, if you have to do it manually it only becomes daunting. But imagine a smart restaurant pos software can handle all your restaurant operations and enable you with real-time analytics reports to evaluate the operational processes via cloud solutions and challenges for further growth of your business.

A competent restaurant management system provides you detailed reports on sales, day-to-day inventory, billing, daily wastage, Food Cost, Offer  Management, employee attendance, CRM management and variance reports which helps you in analyzing the day-to-day progress of your restaurant business. Analyzing these reports regularly is of great importance for the growth of your restaurant business. Hence, these reports will help you see through the areas of improvements to further bolster your restaurant business.

How Restaurant Analytics Give You Detailed Insights About Your Business 

A smart restaurant analytics software will enable you with reports in a form of graphs, charts, and numbers so that you can analyze better with reports than just guessing.

  • Custom Reporting –

    Each business require different reports and similarly, each person understands it differently, hence, you can easily create custom reports. These reports are simplified yet powerful graphics for easy and better understanding. Be it sales reports, inventory status to the monthly performance of your menu items, you can create custom reports to suit your business needs.

  • Real-time Reporting – 

    Well, this stellar feature of providing real-time reporting empowers you to track your restaurant operations from anywhere, anytime. You can view the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports even from your mobile. This powerful feature will enable you with complete control over your business and remove the dependency over your manager.

  • Anti-Theft Reporting – 

    Internal thefts and pilferages are very common in every restaurant business. There are high chances that you might not even be aware of what is happening where. This feature enables you to set roles and permissions of your employees within the restaurant pos software. It will regularly update you with the number of Void Bills generated, deleted number of items from the bill, fake discounts offered and more.

  • SMS Updates – 

    You can set SMS alerts and updates for any reports like sales, inventory, social media, ordered received, etc. This feature will keep you updated about your restaurant business.

5 Important Restaurant Analytics Reports provided by your restaurant pos software

Restaurant analytics reports generated from your smart restaurant management system helps you analyze your daily operations for better performance. Further, real-time reporting enables you to keep track of your restaurant business anytime, anywhere.

  1. Sales Report

Yes, we understand that all businesses primarily concerns about the sales reports. Be it QSR such Cafe Coffee Day or Fine Dine Restaurant such as Moti Mahal in Delhi. This sales report is a comprehensive data of the total sales took place on a daily, weekly, monthly basis in your restaurant. It states the total number of bills generates, items deleted from the bill and the discounts offered.

This will help you analyze the performance of your restaurant and all other outlets of your brand. With this, you can also gauge what works well and what does not. You can also make necessary changes for a particular restaurant to increase sales of each outlet. The sales report also states the bestselling and the least selling items, based on this you can revamp your menu with more variations. You can also scrap the items that aren’t performing well and are only increasing your overall cost.

  1. Inventory Report

Most of the restaurateurs are always brooding about internal theft and pilferage in the restaurant. Hence, it makes it all the more important for you to keep a check on your inventory. The inventory reports update you about opening and closing stock, wastage, the quantity of each item used, etc. Once you have these numbers, you can compare it with your sales report to track any internal theft in your restaurant inventory. Keeping track of daily consumption would help you control your food costs.

  1. CRM Reports

Loyal customer base is one of the most important keys for success in any restaurant business. Your smart restaurant pos software helps you in customer retention for a steady stream of business.

In order to understand your audience better, you can utilize restaurant analytics, and CRM reports would help you do just that. Your restaurant managers can create comprehensive CRM data which consist of contact details and ordering history.

With this smart feature, not only you can see the order trends of your customer but also do marketing activities. You can run personalized SMS, and email marketing campaigns from the information garnered from the CRM database.

In the restaurant business, each outlet has a certain potential for customers to visit regularly in their local area. That means, in order to survive in the market and aspire to grow, one needs to focus on loyal customers. With the help of CRM, you can run customized marketing campaigns to achieve your dream of customer retention massively.

Based on the ordering history of the customers, you can strategize with your executive chef to make more variants of highly sold items.

  1. Wastage Reports

Food wastage is very common in the food business but controlling it is easy and can definitely save you a lot of money. Waste reports mention all the item wasted, the quantity, why it was wasted, and the cost of it. This report will help you train your restaurant staff to reduce unnecessary kitchen waste.

It is simple if you keep a track of the wastage then your restaurant staff will automatically be more conscious and you can save on your margins. Such reports will encourage your restaurant employees to follow the recipes diligently to reduce restaurant waste.

  1. Variance Reports

The variance report is a difference between the standard consumptions Vs Actual consumption and the actual physical stock that remains at the end. Recipe management feature helps you keep a track of the amount of stock consumed while preparing a dish. With the help of your smart restaurant pos software, you can view and monitor variance reports to optimally utilize your inventory and reduce wastage. This will help you track discrepancies in the most definite way possible.

These restaurant reports of all the operations and diligently analyzing them regularly will help you track your restaurant business. Hence, it is high time for you to start analysing your restaurant reports diligently. Get a smart restaurant management software onboard to streamline your processes and contribute to your business growth.

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