Self Ordering Kiosks with restaurant management software – All you need to know for Quick Service Restaurants

restaurant management software for self ordering kiosks

Today we cannot deny the importance of technology and automation, they play a key role in your restaurant business success. Every single industry is fighting hard on hi-tech facilities to deliver improvised customer satisfaction and grow revenues. Nowadays many restaurant chains have adapted self-ordering kiosks integrated restaurant management software for boosting their sales and better customer experience.

A food service kiosk can be a crucial element in upgrading your in-store experience. Such a self-service solution allows on-site patrons to submit their orders, pay and avoid waiting in long queues. There’s no room for doubt as you value your customers; you would always strive to create a fantastic customer experience and aim to build a long-lasting relationship with them.

So how Self-Ordering Kiosks does with POS system integrations helps?

Self-service kiosks are interactive booths placed near the cash counters in restaurants. These booths help to ease the tension of both the customers and the restaurateur. It significantly reduces the wait time, long queues, reduces order errors, builds order accuracy and provides options for customization.

As per researchers, smart booths can work wonders for quick service restaurants (QSR). A QSR primarily focuses on providing quick and efficient service to its customer. So, where there is no table service and fast food delivery concept self-order kiosks are the best choice for growing revenue.

Here are some of the unique features of self-ordering kiosks:

  • Offers menu display and order customization options like Add Ons, Combos, etc.
  • Provides simple order steps for guests to place orders and process payment.
  • Provides payment flexibility supporting debit, credit and any kind of payment system
  • Creates detailed reporting to managers and restaurateurs to understand business growth.

Let us now discuss in detail about the importance of self-ordering kiosks and their benefits:

  1. Reduces order inaccuracy and improves the customer experience

No customer appreciates inaccuracy or errors in the order rather they demand personalization. The customers nowadays customize their order and rather directly go to self- ordering booths for customization and do themselves. This reduces the possibilities of errors or inaccuracies while taking the orders and even delivering them. Hence, installing a self-service kiosk with a smart restaurant management software would allow you to fulfill your customers’ desire. They will enjoy engaging with the booth and conveniently placing an order of their own choice.

  1. Facilitates Faster Service

When customers place and process their order themselves, it significantly reduces all kinds of possible errors. This speeds up in order processing, food preparation, and food delivery. The restaurateur can deploy the workforce to more important and strategic areas. This way you can focus more on customer retention.

  1. Boosts Cross-Promotion and Up-Selling

Your self-ordering kiosks not only allows to place an order but is also a great way for your cross-promotion and up-selling. This smart decision of you allows your customers to self-order relevant products and services. Any restaurant owner aims to provide personalized customer experience. This set up enhances your up-selling and cross-selling techniques, resulting in exemplary customer service and increase restaurant profits.

  1. Grows Restaurant Return of Investment

A self-ordering booth is a great way to increase your restaurant revenue. It enables your guests to swiftly place the order and also allows them to customize their orders. Adding extra paid toppings or choose a combo are some ways to add revenue. You can thus enjoy a hefty ROI.

  1. Lowers the labor and Other Operational Cost

Like all other restaurants, QSRs also broods about its increasing labor and operational cost. In order to reduce unnecessary expenses while maintaining a consistent customer experience, it is important to automate your systems. The self-order system with restaurant management software will assist QSRs in streamlining their spending and increase productivity. With increased automation and reduced labor cost, restaurateurs can smartly allocate their financial resources for boosting their profits.

  1. Convenient Order and Delivery Set Up

With many other advantages of self-service kiosks, a separate ordering, delivery and payment process is one of them. This setup significantly reduces your customer waiting line and increases your overall restaurant efficiency. All quick service restaurants brood over mishandling and confusions during weekends, rush hours, and festive seasons.  It becomes very challenging for the counter staff to handle all jobs-(taking orders, order delivery, and payment). With self-ordering kiosks connected with restaurant management software, all your processes are in one place which makes it easier for everyone. This subsequently eliminates order queues and further reduces the staff workload.

  1. Accurate Computer Generated Bills

If you want to boost your sales and service, you must take advantage of smart restaurant pos billing software to enjoy the faster sale. Installing a self-order kiosk in your QSR can enable your customers with a self-service billing solution. Self-ordering kiosks are small touch-screen computers connected with your restaurant’s POS software. However, unlike POS system it doesn’t require staff and rather it enables the customers to process the order themselves. This helps them generate their own order and bills.

Self-service kiosks are transforming operational and revenue strategies for Quick Service Restaurant industry. Implementing food kiosks would provide quality service to customers and boost your restaurant business. So, now as you understand the several benefits of the self-service booth, what are you waiting for? Consider implementing technology and automation with cloud-based restaurant pos software and get the most out of it.

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