Signs of Internal Theft In Restaurants – How a cloud-based restaurant pos can prevent it

restaurant internal theft and how cloud-based restaurant pos can help you

Internal pilferage and employee theft in restaurants have become widespread and common practice in the industry. Most of the restaurateurs are aware of misappropriations but, they are unable to identify the cause. A cloud-based restaurant pos will help you control internal theft.

Despite taking various security measures, there’s always a possibility of internal theft in restaurants. A study concluded that seventy-five percent of employees have at least stolen from their restaurants.

If you want to better manage internal thefts, you must look at your employees while handling the cash and inventory.

This article will help you reckon why internal theft in restaurants are so prevalent in the restaurant industry and how one can prevent it.

Signs of Internal Theft in Your Restaurant

There are various signs that indicate the employees might be stealing from your restaurant. You shouldn’t ignore them and keep an active look-out for the signs mentioned below.

  1. High Variance Between Ideal Stock And Physical Stock

It is understandable that your Ideal and Physical Stock varies, but if it is a pattern, then it’s an alarm. This could be a sign of internal theft in the inventory.

The ideal stock is the expected and calculated amount of stock you should have after serving your guests. This is based on the calculations through your pos software and recipe management feature. On the other hand, the physical stock is the actual stock you are left with. A Variance of 5-7% between the two is acceptable in the industry and considered as wastage. However, if the Variance is consistently high, then the internal theft might be happening in your inventory. Your staff might be stealing and not recording the served items in the POS.

You should consider tightening the security and install a restaurant management system to control internal theft in your restaurant. Check our article on Inventory Management with the help of pos software.

  1. Edited Bills Or Void Bills

We understand that cashier sometimes need to edit the order in the POS after the bill has been generated. But if you come across a pattern with a high number of edited or void bills, it needs your urgent attention. This could be a sign of internal theft by your employees.

A high number of edited and void bills is clear that there’s something not right in your restaurant. Therefore, keep a close check on daily sales, bills generated, void bills, etc each day. This will prevent you from getting robbed and keep any internal thefts at bay.

  1. Monitor Staff attendance

A person who is habitual of stealing looks for safe opportunities. Hence, if you come across an employee opting for odd shifts, then he might be stealing from your restaurant.

Changing their shift timings or working overtime would allow them to steal easily. There might be employees who often come early or leave late when there’s no one around. Therefore, your cloud-based restaurant pos will keep such data for you to discreet and keep a close check on activities.

  1. Missing Products

If you notice a trend of consistently damaged or missing products from your inventory, then something might not be right.

There’s a high chance that your employees might be purposely doing it. Your cloud-based restaurant pos will help you to keep a check on all your kitchen inventory to the cooking equipment. Everything needs to be recorded, maintained and accounted for in your restaurant.

  1. Consistently Low on Sales

If you observe a consistent trend of low sales in your restaurant, it is a sign for you to pay attention to. Alternatively, if the sales are not recorded properly then it is again a sign of potential stealing.

There cannot be too many void bills daily, if it is a constant trend of manipulating the bills, then it’s an alarm.

How To Prevent Internal Thefts And Pilferage In Restaurants

Internal theft in restaurants has many faces, some are in the form of freebies in order to receive good tips from customers, stealing food or alcohol for themselves, etc.

Below are some of the ways to be alert of potential threat and tips from preventing any potential internal theft.

  1. Install A Smart Restaurant Management System

To efficiently manage your restaurant activities, it is imperative to install a POS system. A cloud-based POS software will help you keep a close check on total sales, the bills, daily inventories, operations, staff attendance, etc.

You can create multiple users keeping in mind their roles and responsibilities in your POS software. You can also have your system password protected and only give a few people access to it. This way, other than the manager, no other employee can manipulate or make changes in the bills. In case of discrepancies, you will know who is responsible for it!

Learn how to choose a best restaurant pos software.

  1. Security CCTV Cameras

The importance of installing CCTV cameras in your restaurant business cannot go unnoticed. If you do not have a security camera at your restaurant till now, it high time for you to reconsider that.

A security camera supervises your staff and prevents from any potential stealing. It is a smart way to aware of your staff that they are being monitored. Even in your absence, your employees will refrain to steal due to the fear of being watched.

Restaurants end up losing a huge chunk of money due to internal thefts and pilferage. It is imperative to set the best practices to ensure operational hygiene. This eventually will keep your restaurant staff happy yet under control to prevent employee theft in restaurants.


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