Fuel Your Franchise with Innovative Franchise Chain Management System

Business owners can keep a track on all the stores, maintain a streamline order process and engage with customers easily. Sounds Unbelievable, doesn’t it?




Happy Customers

Trusted by thousands of restaurants worldwide

Simplified Configuration

Centralized operation like inventory, accounts, and more. Increases sales, ROI and retain customers

Feasible Vendor Management

Track multiple vendors in one user-friendly dashboard. Simplify vendor’s payment methods via head office

Enhance your Franchise Operations with DinePlan

Whether you have your outlets within the city or in scattered places, you can manage all your operations and simplify the online ordering process with our exclusive software suite. It helps you track your operations, and deliveries to increase revenue. 

Easy Inventory control

Track multi-outlet’s stock from one panel & Set reminders to access reordering stock