Time To Leverage Technology For Your Restaurant Brand Growth

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We have been talking about the importance of technology over and over for the smooth functioning of your restaurants. Of course, we understand the challenges you go through as a restaurateurs. Therefore, today in this article we will highlight the key areas to focus for your restaurant growth. Technology such as POS system can change the game.

Talking about Brands who have multiple Brands across the globe like McDonalds, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, etc. are all leveraging technology. These brands have leveraged technology since the early ages itself and are still growing. Be it the reach or the number of outlets, they are leading in all. With the help of restaurant management software, they are able to collect the customer data at one place. Further, this data can be utilized for various purposes to enhance your marketing strategies and customer loyalty program.

Technology has taken over the restaurant industry more than you think it has!

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How To Leverage Technology For Restaurant Expansion

With the increasing needs of the customers, it is essential for restaurants to embrace technology to meet the changing needs.

Here we introduce the ways you can simply leverage technology for scaling your restaurant business:

  1. Customer Analysis 

Customer analysis plays a crucial role in scaling a restaurant business. As technology has advanced in the last few years, pos software stores the customer data on cloud. The customer management feature in your restaurant pos system stores information like customer name, contacts, order history, etc. With the help of customer management feature, one can view order history, frequent visits, preferred menu, etc for better use.

A pos management software comes with many uses in this case. Using the data analytics tool from your pos software enables to know what your customers want.

2. Consistency And Quality 

For growing restaurant brands that have opened more than outlet, consistency in food and customer services plays an important role. The very fact of maintaining the same quality standards across all outlets cannot be compromised. Therefore, keeping in mind a long term plan a restaurant pos allows you to design SOPs for your business. Such SOPs can be controlled centrally and also be updated as and when required. These SOPs act as important guidelines for all other outlets.

Moreover, SOPs can be designed for almost all operations such as; kitchen, staff performance, recipe, and basic operations. For instance; a standard recipe for all outlets will help you to maintain quality across all outlets.

3. Managing Your Staff 

As the attrition rate keeps increasing in restaurant industry, it is important to make your staff feel valued. They are the face of your restaurant brand and working hard to build value. Therefore, pos system software will tap the performance of the staff. You can get customized reports about the performance of each employee and invest more in their training. Also, these reports will enable you to understand the discounts, offers, and sales done by each waiter. All this will lead to a more positive environment and the staff will feel more valued.

4. Increasing Your Loyal Customer Base 

In order to grow your restaurant and sustain in this competitive industry, you need loyal customers. These are those customers who come to you again if they like your food after their first experience. They are the real strengths of your restaurant as they not only come back, but also bring friends, and also recommend more people. The restaurant business is not only about new customers, but it also sustains on loyal customers. Therefore, it is essential to nurture existing customers. So here’s what all you need to do in order to bring back your customers.

  1. As a brand with multiple outlets, you must ensure the consistency of food and services across all your outlets. This makes them feel assured based on which they decide to visit again.
  2. Consider Loyalty Programs while making your marketing strategies to let the customer know that you value them. You can also allot some credit points or rewards to entice them to come back again. With the help of your pos system, send them SMS or emails to festive occasions and on their special days. This way you win their hearts and they want to visit you again. Also, keep them posted on your upcoming offers and events so that they remain updated. By doing all this, it will help you to build strong and lasting customer loyalty.

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5. Online Ordering (Branded Mobile Apps) 

Over the years, online ordering food has changed the game for restaurants. It has opened several avenues for restaurateurs to make more sales and reach number of people. While these avenues have increased for more opportunities, it has also made difficult to manage the operations inside restaurant. Integrating and effectively managing these online aggregators are crucial for the successful running of the business. Hence, it is important for restaurateurs to install technology for the smooth running of the business.

Specifically for a QSR restaurant model, the sales and growth are majorly dependent upon online orders. Therefore, pos software brings all such sources and integrates them together in one single interface. This significantly helps in receiving all online orders, processing, and delivering the orders on time. Technology helps in the efficient management of all tasks related to online orders. Also, it reduces the scope of errors or mistakes which could have happened due to dependency on manual recordings. It also helps you in minimizing the time taken for order delivery. The orders received online on the pos are instantly pushed to the kitchen for processing. If you have Kitchen Display System, then it makes even easier as all the KOTs are digitally reflected on the Screen.

In addition, the pos software mentions the approximate time that is required to prepare an order. Lastly, to make the delivery process faster, pos software assigns the task to a delivery executive while the order is prepared. This reduces the time taken in preparing any order and makes your end consumer happy.

6. Sales Cash Flow 

The importance of SWOT analysis in any business cannot be stressed enough. Keep a regular check on your restaurant’s SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Your pos software is equipped to provide you with real-time reports for all your daily sales updates. Regularly analyzing the reports generated by POS system enables the restaurateurs to understand and make necessary changes in their strategies.  With the help of a restaurant POS, one can receive customized and multiple level reports on an hourly basis. This can be about everything and anything such as; Profit and Loss, revenues, sales, and discount offered, etc. As a brand with multiple outlets, customizing the reports from all outlets for cash flow comparison is essential. Such detailed reports enable you to know which of your outlets need your attention at a given time.

An ideal POS software will clearly indicate the growth percentage of your restaurant within minutes.

7. Restaurant Marketing 

Nowadays, marketing for restaurants has progressed multi-folds. Over the past few years, promotions on social media platforms have gained more popularity and importance. It has two major reasons as social media is relatively cheap and it can easily reach the masses.

If you are a growing brand with a few outlets, then your marketing strategies must include social media. Also, it is essential to customize marketing plans based on the locations. As a restaurateur, you must conduct extensive research on the potential locations as well as your target audience. Social media is a great tool to create a hype in the market for your pre-launch campaigns. Nowadays, we have Facebook, Instagram, and tiktok which are considered as great marketing tools. You can easily integrate your social media platforms with your website and POS software to directly fetch orders received from such online marketing. In addition, restaurant management software also enables you to respond to customer reviews on your social platforms.

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Using a smart technology like restaurant management solutions can make all these processes easier for you. Therefore, install a POS system in your restaurant for the smooth functioning of your restaurant.


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