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Maintaining Consistency In Your Restaurant Business Across Multiple Outlets – DinePlan

Maintaining Consistency In Your Restaurant Business Across Multiple Outlets

pos software for restaurant chains

Brands which have multiple outlets or chains, it is always challenging to maintain consistency across all outlets. With various franchise models along with some company-owned outlet, it is daunting to maintain and tap the full potential of each outlet. Learn how you can deliver uniform experience and maintain consistency in your restaurant chains with the help of pos software.

Some of the key factors such as food, ambiance, and service is what keeps the customer coming back to your restaurant business. These are also key ingredients to your brand recognition. Customers identify your brand with the taste and hospitality you offer, hence, it is essential to maintain uniformity.

Customers value the uniform experience offered by brands and feel comfortable eating at chain restaurants, regardless of their location. This is because consumers trust that they will be able to choose from the same menu and will receive the same quality service.

So here’s a list of things you should practice diligently to maintain consistency of food, taste, and hospitality across all your outlets.

  1. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Designing a standard operating procedure is a crucial aspect of the restaurant business which will streamline process across all your outlets. SOPs are written practices and procedures which restaurant chains follow to maintain consistency across different restaurant location.  What are the benefits of having SOPs?

  • SOPs helps you manage the food products supplied by vendors, be it quality, quantity or prices. It also helps you to maintain consistency in the ingredients. Your list of vendors and ingredients will help restaurant managers across other outlets for hassle-free preparation and coordination.
  • The SOP includes the recipes, proportion sizes which ensure the food tastes the same throughout.

SOPs is a guidebook for all restaurant operations, vendors and teams which helps in maintaining consistency in all outlets. You can incorporate your SOP with your restaurant pos software to ensure it is followed in every outlet of yours.

  1. A Central Management System (CMS) or Restaurant pos software

pos software for inventory management

A central management system or Cloud restaurant pos software ensures that your standard operations are practiced across all outlets. Restaurant POS is an excellent investment for restaurant chains. It will assist you to manage restaurant operations across all your outlets from your Head Office or central location. Some of the key benefits of having CMS are:

  • Base Kitchen Management: This stellar feature in your restaurant pos is taken care of everything you need in your central base kitchen. This helps you manage the circulation of food and supplies from the base kitchen to all other outlets.
  • Central Recipe Management: With the help of chef you can create a main recipe which then can be followed by chefs of other outlets. You can update the recipe at the central level and it would automatically reflect at other outlets.
  • Central Menu Management: This smart feature allows you to customize and update menu centrally for all outlets. It allows you to manage your menu across all outlets. You may also keep specific prices for a location-based outlet and customize a lot of offerings. Alternatively, if you add or remove any menu item at the central level it will automatically reflect across all the other restaurants. This would ensure you have the same menu across all the outlets.
  • Vendor Management: Vendors are definitely an integral part of your brand which helps you in maintaining consistency. This intelligent feature manages local and central vendors. You can create a separate profile for each vendor and track the orders placed, delivered and paid.
  • Attendance Management: Your pos software is not only about sales, but it can also manage the attendance of all local outlets

This CMS will help you manage complete inventory for your restaurant.

  1. Central Kitchen Model

A central base kitchen is must need if you have multiple outlets within a city. This central base kitchen will ensure consistency in food quality as it is being prepared under one roof.

In such a case, your cloud restaurant pos software comes handy and help you manage the quality and quantity of the food before you send it out to other outlets.

You can analyze the trends of demand and calculate the stock requirements of all your outlets. For items like rice and ice-creams, you can order stock items on the basis of the yield of each item. You can also compare Food Costs incurred between different outlets and analyze the performance accordingly.

The best part is, you can even forecast the sales of each outlet on the basis of their data and reports.

  1. Look-Alike Interiors

Branding is not limited to billboards and brand marketing activities. Likewise, people not only associate with the food offer but also the ambiance and feel of the interiors also play a vital role. A theme which can celebrate your brand and can be easily incorporated across all your outlets.

For example, McDonald’s, Dominos and KFC maintains a consistent theme and feel of the restaurants across all other outlets.

  1. Having Similar Equipment

Equipment used to prepare food is another important factor that supports consistency! Having the same or similar equipment at your outlets will ensure the process of food preparation is same and followed by set SOPs discussed above. This will ensure you are producing the same product. This also helps in maintaining the identical cooking procedure across all your outlets.

  1. Staff Training

To deliver great customer service and experience it is essential to make your staff familiar with your goals and objectives. Hence, training is the most important which should not be ignored.

Also, Training staff only once is not enough, it should be a continuous process to reiterate the spirit and polish the art of delivering a great experience. Hold regular meetings and supervise the staff so that they imbibe the training.

If your restaurant brand is known for food and hospitality, then strive your best to you live up to customer expectations.

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