7 Ways To Streamline Restaurant IT Operations

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Large Restaurant chains are usually very complex and dependent on their IT Teams for innovations. Therefore, it is time to replace your current hardware-based POS systems with cloud solutions. These solutions are reliable, secure, automate the manual processes and reduce costs. Unlike your legacy POS, it does not require regular maintenance. Not only this, but Cloud Solutions has significantly reduced the operational costs and increased the profit margins. Over the years, pos management software has evolved to provide powerful solutions that are both affordable and reliable. In this article, we are going to throw light upon the ways a robust cloud-based POS system can streamline the daily operations for the IT team.

How a Cloud POS System Is Helpful For Your Restaurant’s IT Team

This new-age automation has benefited everyone in the restaurant industry. It is now necessary for all restaurants to shift from their traditional legacy POS to new-age cloud-based Restaurant POS. Be, it large or small Restaurant Brands, can lower operating costs with Cloud POS. Implementation of technology such as the cloud POS is user-friendly and requires no expertise to operate. Such a POS system reduces labor costs and eliminates the requirement for large back-end teams. The following are the top 7 benefits of having technology in your restaurant.

1. Easy Software Updates

The purpose of technology is to make lives easier for humans. Hence, the software needs to be updated to meet the growing demands. The Dineplan Suite- A Complete Restaurant Software is automatically updated as and when any new features or versions are introduced. All the integrations, access, reports, etc. can all be customized as per the requirements of restaurant types. Also, as the Cloud software is equipped with a large bandwidth, it ensures a seamless experience in managing daily operations.

This eliminates the need for manually updating the software as the cloud-based POS update automatically. Another advantage of a Cloud POS software is that you can update it only at the central system. The updated software reflects automatically in all the other handheld devices.

Software updates run through test servers which are verified by the Quality Analysts. As the entire operational flow runs through a series of tests and approvals, the restaurant IT Team can ensure the smooth functioning of restaurant operations.

2. Central Accessibility 

With a centralized database, the IT team can access POS data at any time from any location. Important restaurant information such as the menu, creating and managing users, updating the taxes and prices, can be viewed and modified in real-time. There is no requirement to manually update the changes in the POS terminals or handheld devices. The changes or updates also reflect automatically on the website/ mobile app and integrated platforms.

 3. Real-Time Sync Of Data

As a restaurant chain, if you have an IT team then you’d understand the challenges of compiling several reports in place. There comes the need for a technology like POS System. It automatically and seamlessly merges the data from all sources to one single screen platform. This makes restaurateurs and the management to better understand the performance of all outlets. Also, a cloud POS seamlessly synchronize the data at a central level for easy access. For all those with multiple outlets, this level of integration at a central level increases the transparency outlet-wise. Finally, based on such data, the management can also take informed-decisions.

4.  Access To Information From Anywhere

All restaurant chains have a separate Corporate Office to handle all outlets from one particular location. It is not possible for any person to visit all outlets on a daily basis to ensure smooth operations. Hence, the technology is filling up this gap in a way that all data is accessible from any location. Well-Equipped cloud technology gives you ample freedom to manage your restaurant operations from anywhere. Also, as the entire data is hosted and stored on a secure cloud server, it is easier to access the data from anywhere.  Even a small IT team can check and monitor the performance data of a large chain of restaurants from anywhere, on any system or handheld device.

The feature of online and offline reporting streamlines the analysis of data. With a detailed analysis of reports, the business analysts can measure the overall growth rate of the restaurant.

5. High Data Integrity

In your traditional legacy POS, hardware crashing is common, but retrieving the data is just impossible. However, Cloud POS undeniably faces network issues too. In such cases, unlike legacy POS, it is not impossible to retrieve data. Rather, one can manage and continue to work smoothly offline as well. In addition, the moment your system regains network, it automatically retrieves the data in a cloud system. Therefore, pos management software can effectively handle all operations even through the offline medium.

All the billing data gets automatically reflected in the reports without any scope of data loss.

6. Data Security

Data security is essential for both small and large Restaurant Chains. There’s always a scope of misuse of information when dealing with large databases. Therefore, Cloud POS systems are equipped to ensure data security to the management. Also, you can assign specific roles/ User Ids with limited access to your staff to ensure data safety. It saves the restaurant data from any potential risks of data breaches and encrypts both frontend and backend level systems.

7. Integrated Modules

In the restaurant business, these days we need to have third-party platforms to run our restaurants. However, managing all these platforms manually and separately makes it time-consuming and inefficient. What are these Third-party modules which we are talking about? These are our online food aggregators/ delivery apps, online table reservation, loyalty programs, etc can be integrated with the POS software. All these platforms can easily be integrated into the pos management software, restaurateurs now do not have to manage multiple screens. This single-screen dashboard consolidates all the data and information from all the platforms. In addition, it also eliminates the scope of manual data inputs and mistakes in the reports.

In fact, you can also update the changes made in the prices, menu modifications, coupons, discounts, etc at the central level.

A could-based POS System simplifies the tasks of the IT team in large restaurant chains. An ideal pos management software adapts and has customizable features suitable for your restaurant type. To learn more about the features and benefits of the POS system, Click Here!


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