Digital Restaurant Ordering System Singapore

eDine is our online food delivery system that redefines the way restaurants connect with their patrons. With this efficient and user-friendly platform, customers can place orders effortlessly. From intuitive menu navigation to secure transactions, our restaurant ordering system enhances operational efficiency. Choose eDine and provide your customers with a modern, convenient, and delightful way to experience your restaurant’s offerings. As a restaurant management system provider, our offerings also include self ordering kiosk software, QR ordering, and queue management systems in Singapore.


Happy Customers



online ordering systems for restaurants




Happy Customers

online ordering systems for restaurants

Thousands of teams around the world are managing restaurant with DineConnect.

How Does Our Online Ordering System Work?

Order Placement

Customers initiate their restaurant delivery experience by exploring the digital menu, picking items, and personalizing orders effortlessly through the user-friendly platform. 

Secure Payments

Following order finalization, customers seamlessly move to the payment step, ensuring a secure and convenient transaction process with a range of payment options.

Real-Time Tracking

Restaurants efficiently handle orders with instant notifications and monitor deliveries in real-time, guaranteeing timely preparation and precise doorstep delivery.

Customer Notifications

Customers stay informed with live updates on their order progress, from preparation to dispatch and estimated delivery time, promoting transparency and elevating overall satisfaction.

Advantages of a Restaurant Ordering System

Boosted Revenue

Enhanced Efficiency

Customer Convenience

Competitive Edge

Data-Driven Insights

Cost Savings

Why Choose eDine Online Ordering System Singapore?

Easy Updates

With eDine, you can handle menus and real-time pricing adjustments in an easy manner. Keep your offerings current and engaging without the hassle and provide a dynamic and attractive experience for your customers.

Order Tracking

This feature keeps customers informed at every step of their order, from preparation to delivery. Real-time updates enhance customer engagement and satisfaction and increase the chance of returning back.

Inventory Management

eDine restaurant delivery system goes beyond standard offerings by providing a unique inventory management system for your F&B business. You can optimize workflow, minimize waste, and reap a lot more benefits.

Secure Payments

eDine prioritizes the security of customer transactions. We ensure a safe and reliable online payment system that instills confidence in patrons.

Customers have Consistently Rated
Around 4.8/5 stars


Absolutely! We offer flexible features that make our food ordering system best for various restaurant types, from quick service to fine dining.

Our intelligent tracking system keeps customers updated throughout the order process. From preparation to delivery, real-time updates ensure transparency.

Yes, eDine is designed with integration in mind. It can seamlessly integrate with other restaurant management systems to provide a holistic solution.

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