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Marketing with Restaurant POS Software – DinePlan

Marketing with Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant Marketing with the help of Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant marketing automation with the help of your smart pos software nurtures your potential customers in the restaurant. A highly personalized and relevant content based on likes and choices of customers can increase your loyal customers.

As per Infosys study, personalized content influences about fifty-nine percent of consumers spending habits.

Restaurant marketing automation is a key ingredient to your marketing strategy.

Cloud-integrated restaurant pos software empowers you with Automated Restaurant Marketing boosting your current marketing strategies into specially-designed platforms.

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How Restaurant Marketing Automation Can Increase Sales

Restaurant marketing automation attracts potential customers from all channels like website, social media, and email, to generate new leads, and also taking care of the existing ones.

Here is how you can benefit from restaurant marketing automation–

  • Increase sales through SMS and email campaigns
  • Repeat customer through automated Loyalty Programs
  • Outlet level marketing through cold SMS and email campaigns
  • Create brand awareness and customer engagement
  1. Increasing Your Restaurant Sales

Emails and SMS marketing will always remain the easiest and direct marketing strategies to reach out to your customers. Now imagine, you can do it from your own cloud integrated restaurant pos software. Wouldn’t that just simplify it all for you?

This will guarantee that each potential customer receives your message and emails without fail and of them will be updated about your restaurant.

Some of the trends of SMS and emails are as below:

  • A ‘We Miss You’ email or SMS for the customers who haven’t dined at your restaurant for a while.
  • An email or SMS updating about the latest offers, vouchers, and discounts will definitely attract attention from your customers.
  • An email or SMS following the dining experience for ratings, service experience, rate the meal they enjoyed, etc

You can tap all these possibilities by adding the contact details for your customers while placing the order and then you can easily build an expansive e-mail and SMS list.

  1. Increase Repeat Visits with Loyalty Programs

Automating your restaurant loyalty reward program can save time, energy and money. Nowadays, customers can easily redeem their loyalty rewards by just showing a simple message received from restaurants in the form of CODE. You can also analyze their reward redeeming behavior through your pos software and also send attracting offers to redeem more such rewards by sending them automated SMS and emails.

A classic example of creating Loyalty Programs are: if the Average Spend of customers at your restaurant is less like in QSRs then follow visit-based Loyalty Program for higher footfalls for more profits. Alternatively, for Fine Dine restaurants, if the Average Spend is more then you should run amount-based Loyalty Points for redeeming points.

  1. Reaching Out To New Customers

In order to attract new customers, you can buy data from outside and smartly create campaigns for promotions. Add a Call-to-Action like ‘Order Now’ along with the link or ‘Reserve Table’ with Table Reservation link.

Sending bulk SMS and emails will only be effective if you segment your customer database and then send customized messages. Also, it is necessary to analyze each promotional campaign based on the number of Opens and Clicks. This will help you send better messages based on responses.

  1. Outlet Level Restaurant Marketing

If you have multiple outlets or restaurant brands then the marketing strategies will vary from one outlet to another. Here, a restaurant marketing automation will be helpful as everything can be centralized yet localized. Your customer data in your Pos software can easily run custom marketing campaigns for specific outlets.

Also, with the help of a smart restaurant marketing module, you can create outlet level discounts and offers for the customers for a specific outlet from a central panel.

  1. Customer Engagement and Integrated Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, people are more active on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Usually, restaurants take the support of Social Media Automation tools like Hootsuite and Buffer for scheduling regular or daily posts. It provides features like scheduling posts, automating replies, creating and posting a blog, etc

However, it gets difficult to keep track of all the reviews you get on social media. People are more influenced by the reviews and one bad review can damage your restaurant business. Here, an in-built online reputation management tool in your smart restaurant pos software sends you Alerts the moment someone mentions your brand online.

Online Reputation Management tool also helps you to:

  • Respond to private messages: You can personally respond to the questions, concerns, and praises your followers are sending. You can set-up an automated reply that acknowledges the customer queries.
  • Reply to comments: You can directly reply to comments posted by your followers and send them a thanking note. This will also increase the reach of your business page and increase customer engagement.

As Restaurant Marketing Automation is everyone’s need, getting this tool inbuilt in your smart pos software makes it way easier than managing another set of system and definitely more cost and campaign effectiveness. You will stay more in-tuned with your customer’s journey, behavior and preferences. That is the most essential ingredient for your successful restaurant marketing strategies to increase your customer engagement and increase sales.

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