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Kitchen Display Systems: How it can transform your Restaurant Kitchen – DinePlan

Kitchen Display Systems: How it can transform your Restaurant Kitchen

Kitchen Display System with restaurant management system

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are simply an ordering and information system that are installed in the kitchen to increase efficiency. Nowadays, with the ever-increasing Restaurant business, KDS is becoming necessary and popular for modern restaurants. They are even more important for quick service restaurants who have to deliver prompt services to customers. A Kitchen Display System with restaurant management software comes handy for all such restaurants.

The KDS system is integrated with a cloud-based POS technology which instantly displays orders that are to be prepared. Such automation significantly reduces your staff effort and potential manual error.

So today we will talk about how the Kitchen Display System has become the need of the hour in modern restaurant kitchens.

Why You Need Kitchen Display Systems?

The restaurant management system integrated with a Kitchen Display Systems can do wonders for your restaurant business. How does this work? This integration enables all your orders placed in the POS to instantly and automatically reflect in the KDS. When the order details are displayed to the kitchen staff, it makes it easier for them to work. Let us now discuss some detailed advantages of having a POS software integrated Kitchen Display System:-

  • Firstly, it allows your online orders from aggregators to integrate into the restaurant operations fully. This means, be it kitchen or cashier, nobody requires additional staff or re-entering in the POS.
  • Secondly, If you have an android POS tablet or a mobile POS, you can easily take orders from the table. These orders will instantly get displayed in the KDS, which will save a significant amount of time and boost efficiency.

Now that you know the advantages that KDS comes with, it is time to look at how it boosts your restaurant’s profits.

How Kitchen Display Systems Improve Restaurant Operations

Let us discuss the ways Kitchen Display Systems improve restaurant operations and leads to greater business success.

  1. Increased Service Speed And Efficiency

Let’s all admit that Restaurant kitchens are the busiest places, with everyone rushing. In such chaotic places, it is common that the hand-written KOTs is lost, or damaged due to spills. This increases your order inaccuracies and customer dissatisfaction.

A KDS integrated with restaurant management system instantly displays the order details on screen. It updates your food preparation staff about meal preparation, with other specific preferences. Also, it keeps real-time track of the change in orders as they get reflected in the KDS.
With this, instead of waiting for the service staff to get the order details, the preparation staff can begin working on their food preparation as soon as order details are notified at the display system.
Kitchen Display Systems track the preparation time and keeps the staff aware in case of delays. This helps your staff to increase their efficiency and speed accordingly.

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  1. Improved Efficiency of the staff

Kitchen Display Systems appreciably enhances your restaurant staff efficiency and reduces the overall labor costs. When we take orders manually, it is prone to errors such as; discrepancy in order taking, or mixing up of orders, etc. The POS software integrated KDS eliminates such human errors and reduces food wastage remarkably.

Integrated with a cloud-based POS, display screen automatically and instantly displays the KOT on the screen for faster food preparation. Your POS sends you alerts to the waiters when the food is ready and that saves their time of going too many time into the kitchen only to check. This prevents inaccurate or delayed orders due to the lack of information. Finally, KDS is very environment-friendly as it simply eliminates the need for paper KOTs.

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  1. Better Customer Service

Of course, all of us want to deliver excellent customer experience to all our guests. The entire foodservice industry is completely based on customer service and the quality of service you provide at the end of the day. A KDS looks like a small part, but it is a very integral part of the restaurant business. It transforms a restaurant’s overall performance and contributes significantly to customer service. Also, saves time and labor of your service staff by eliminating trips to the kitchen to pass the KOTs. In addition, it equips your kitchen staff to see the order sequences and work at requisite speed. With reduced errors, lesser hassles in the kitchen, the service staff can deliver good hospitality to the customers. Finally, a good customer experience leads to increased sales and profits, and many more loyal customers.

Therefore, Kitchen Display System with restaurant management software is a perfect solution.

  1. Order Tracking and Reporting

The Kitchen Display System with restaurant management software screen also displays the time your kitchen staff will take to prepare an order. When it is integrated with a POS system, it offers detailed reports and analytics. Consequently, this to tremendous data acquired from your pos software will improve your restaurant operations.
You can now track the average time taken for a meal preparation and the orders to get processed. In this way, you can focus on the key areas that need improvements. For example; enhance the performance of your preparation staff into the most efficient ones. You may also want to optimize labor by comparing the speed of service data against the revenue generated. This will give you insights whether increased sales are contributing to your profit or being lost to operational inefficiencies. Learn how pos software can provide you Analytic reports to boost your business.

The restaurant industry worldwide revolves around efficiency and accuracy. In this age, Kitchen Display Systems have proven to be of great value for restaurants. It has eliminated the need for paper tickets and kitchen printers. It also reduces restaurant wastage, increasing food costs and give a great customer experience with better kitchen coordination and management.


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