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DinePlan offers a cutting-edge solution to transform the dining experience at your restaurant with DineGo, a self-ordering kiosk software. From streamlining the ordering process to minimizing wait times, our self-service kiosks in Singapore empower customers with convenience. They enhance not only operational efficiency but also provide a delightful and interactive way for patrons to engage with your establishment. As a restaurant management system provider in Singapore, we also offer QR ordering systems and online ordering systems as well. Request a demo today!


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Self Ordering Kiosks are Perfect for

Coffee Shops, Bars and Pubs

Food Courts

Fast-Casual Chains

Buffet Restaurants


How DineGo Kiosk Software Works?

Order Selection

Our DineGo kiosk self ordering system presents an easy-to-navigate menu, enabling patrons to customize orders with a few clicks.

Customization and Payment

From choosing ingredients to adding special instructions, the self-ordering kiosk ensures a tailored experience. Once satisfied, customers proceed to secure contactless payments directly.

Order Confirmation

Customers receive instant confirmation and notifications about their order status. DineGo kiosk system seamlessly integrates with your restaurant management to ensure a smooth flow from order placement to preparation and fulfillment.

Advantages of Choosing Self Ordering Kiosk

  • Streamline order processes for faster service.
  • Minimize errors with precise, customer-driven selections.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through quicker transactions.
  • Optimize staff resources and reduce labor costs.
  • Ensure a secure payment experience.
  • Provide an interactive and convenient dining journey.
  • Allow patrons to tailor orders to their preferences.
  • Promote specials and add-ons for increased sales.
  • Collect valuable data for informed decision-making.

Why Choose DineGo Kiosk for Restaurants?


DineGo is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer customizable solutions to reflect the unique personality and offerings of your F&B businesses.


We are not only cutting-edge but also affordable, providing you with a high return on investment and contributing positively to your bottom line.


Whether you run a single-location eatery or a chain of restaurants, our kiosk for self ordering software is scalable to meet your business's evolving needs.

Proven Track Record

Join a community of satisfied clients who have experienced tangible improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction with our self-ordering kiosk solutions.




Happy Customers

self ordering kiosk

Thousands of teams around the world are managing restaurant with DineConnect.

How DineGo Works ?

Customers can eliminate  waiting time and queues, instead use kiosk ordering system to have their meal anytime!

User-Friendly Design

DineGo is easy to navigate, customers can easily use our self order kiosk system 

Tailor-Made Menus

Restaurants can easily customize menus as per branding, food items, pricing and more. Also, orders can be specified. 

Trusted Support In-Hand

Kiosk self ordering system has reliable support for technical errors that may occur amid the orders. 

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Order with Ease : Seamless Self-Ordering Kiosk Experience

Customized combos based on customer preferences.

Convenient payment options & promotions

Order specification availability for customer satisfaction.

Experience effortless ordering with our self-order kiosk system. Find favorite food options, eliminate waiting time, and take your food on the go.

Order with ease : Experience seamless with self ordering system

Experience effortless ordering with our self-order kiosk system. Find favorite food options, eliminate waiting time, and take your food on the go.

Product Demonstration

Improved Customer Flow and Ordering Operations

Hop on to your preferred food item,
anytime with DineGo !

Product Demonstration

Improved Customer Flow & Ordering Operations

Hop on to your preferred food item, anytime with DineGo!

Attract more customers with a feasible, convenient and effective Self Ordering Kiosk System

Increase your business opportunities with an effective ordering process using restaurant POS kiosk systems. Create an impression that your restaurant stays one of the top options for customers. 

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