Keep Orders
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with DineTouch

DineTouch uses a smartphone or tablet to act as a register and accept payments on the go.


Happy Customers






Happy Customers

Thousands of teams around the world are managing restaurant with DineConnect.

How Does App Works?

Deliver orders in a quick and
efficient environment.

Increase Efficiency

100% rush hour proof ordering
system. Consolidate all orders on
one screen

Cut Down Waiting Times

Fastest ordering and payment
solution & Delivery that is always
ontime even faster

Increase Sales

Upsell and cross-sell easily &
Multiple check-out points for fast

What Our Customers
Say About Us

“Dinetouch is a very user-friendly, easy and modern cloud-based mobile POS system. It has saved me a lot of money on hardware and software”.

Accelerate your QSR with powerful POS technology

DineTouch provides acceleration in Keeping Orders in and Integrated with the most secure payment gateways worldwide for your customers’s convenience

one-stop solution

allows you to generate bills even when
there is no internet connection.


Orders are sent directly from Tablet to
the POS & Kitchen

Smart dashboard,
powerful integrations

Our dashboard is simple to navigate and packed with useful features. It also integrates seamlessly with accounting platforms like Quickbooks.

Loved by Restaurants around the world

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Accelerate your quick service restaurant with
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