How The Choose A Right Food Court POS System To Streamline Your Operations

food court pos system

It is very understandable that managing a food court with multiple outlets is more challenging than a restaurant. Multiple outlets with Multiple Brands and their business models makes food court a complex business model. While in a restaurant brand, one uniform system is followed, but in a food court, multiple outlets have unique ways of functioning. All this makes it a complex system, however, if managed well one reap benefits beyond imagination. Hence, having a robust food court POS System becomes essential for streamlining all your operations.

Therefore, a smart food court POS will manage your complete food court operations under one interface. This will significantly ease out the brands’ operations at the food court and also enhance customer satisfaction.

Features of an Ideal Food Court POS System

Choosing the right Food Court POS is very challenging considering the complexity of the business in nature. There are many factors which you need to consider while finalizing a food court management system. Here we have provided a list of features that your food court POS system must provide for seamless running of your Food court.

  1. Card Management

Card facility is a must in any Food Court system, therefore, having a robust food court POS is a must. An ideal food court POS solution must have a Card Management Feature that would ease the functioning. It must enable customers to place orders from multiple outlets and counters in the Food Courts. Some of the features include fast card validity configuration, card transfer, card recharging, and seamless customer service.

  1. Central Kitchen Management

Multiple Brand Outlets means multiple kitchens. Hence, it is essential to have robust central kitchen management in your Food Court POS. This will enable you to keep a track of the stock requirements of all the outlets. Centrally managing these kitchens is otherwise challenging for running a food court. All this can be done with the help of technology which can streamline all your operations.

  1. CRM Integration

A modern-day POS solution have integrated CRM feature where all your customer data is stored. This data includes customer details, their order history, ticket size, favorite items, and the frequency of their visit. All this customer information can be used to run personalized SMS and email marketing campaigns. All these campaigns help you to nurture and foster the customer relationship and increase your repeat customer visits. Therefore, a smart food court POS will keep your customer details updated in the CRM.

  1. Mobile Reporting

What could be better than having access to your entire food court on Mobile? Now, a smart food court management system enables you with real-time reports and updates on your mobile. Be it sales, operations, or orders, you can access all this information on your mobile. You keep a track of the sales in your food court at all outlets even when you are not there. Also, Outlet level reports generated from POS system will give you a performance comparison of all outlets. Based on this data, you may like to change the strategy with any non-performing outlet.

  1. Loyalty Program

A modern-day POS solution enables you to run customized loyalty programs. In addition, one can easily add or redeem points with Loyalty Programs. An integrated CRM enables you to run customized loyalty programs based on customer data. This data includes customer ordering history, contact details, frequency, ticket size, and behavior.

  1. Mall Software Integration

Food courts are always located in the mall. Therefore, your POS System must provide easy integration with the software at Mall. A cloud-based POS Software enables you to maintain your records while also ensuring transparency with the Mall. While choosing a technology, ensure to check about the easy integration. Also, pos system presents you all food court reports updating in the mall’s software with just a single click. Hence, it saves you from the hassle of manually updating the Mall.

  1. Detailed Transaction Reporting

Multiple outlets of various brands are running in a food court, it is essential to keep a track of transactions. With the help of a Restaurant POS solution, you can get real-time transaction reports. These reports are very handy as you can track and analyze the orders placed and bills generated at each outlet. You can analyze the performance of each outlet and make sound data-driven decisions.

A food court has a much complex system, therefore, a smart food court POS is essential. Such software is required which can meet the needs of both the customers as well as the brands. Therefore, Dineplan Suite fulfills all your needs and can handle your operations seamlessly. It makes it easier for you to monitor all the reports and make informed decisions for your food court management and profits.

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