Is my data safe?

Backups taken daily, logs maintained for quick and easy troubleshooting.

What is the minimum hardware requirements?

DinePlan POS can efficiently run on minimal hardware setup.

  • i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 200GB hard drive space.
  • USB and network thermal printers
  • Android-based smartphones

Is the hardware costs included in your pricing?

No. We only supply the software platform.

What are your support terms?

We offer both online and on-premise support based on the nature of support ticket. Most cases are rectified immediately over the Internet and through phone. We also use WhatsApp groups that include senior DinePlan developers, our chief technical officer, and the customer – for fast and efficient issue resolutions.

What are the software requirements?

The DInePlan POS runs on Windows 7+ operating system, SQL Express Edition and the .NET platform.

What are the licencing terms?

There’s a one-time software licence fee and an annual maintenance fee from the second year onwards.

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