Empowered Waiters. Happy Customers.

Send orders in a flash

DineFly sends orders to the kitchen in a flash. Customer changed the mind or want to add toppings or serve it later and all done in flash

Saves effort

Supervisors and other staff save several thousand steps each day walking back and forth between the dining area and the kitchen.

Make every order larger

Helps frontline staff to increase average billing value through timely upsells, combos and intelligent product recommendations.

Minimize human errors

Avoid errors in meal preparations due to poorly written and illegible order receipts.

Familiar interface

An Android-based app, DineFly has the familiar swipe, touch and tap interface. Your order staff will pick up the workflow in no time.

Smart order routing

Based on the item category and workload, route the order on the fly to the right kitchen order terminal. Save time and confusion.

Increase table turovers

Instant bill printing allows you to service more customers per hour and increase your average table turnover.

Easy Operation

DineFly is designed to be operated conveniently and smoothly in one hand.

  • Table LayoutsVisual table layouts allow any waiter service any table with ease.

  • Customer FeedbackCollect customer feedback right inside the app and improve service levels.

  • Visual Table StatusesColour coded occupancy statuses help you seat customers faster.

  • Email ReceiptsSend email receipts to customers and save printing costs.

  • Wireless PrintingPrint customer bills and kitchen orders wirelessly on Bluetooth printers.

  • Queue BustingReduce customer wait times for takeaway orders with queue busting.

  • Lightweight AppDineFly is designed to run on even the most inexpensive Android phones.

  • Billing at the TableCreate receipts right at the table - save time walking to the billing counter!


Is DineFly a Native App?

Yes it is an Native App. You can download it from Google Play Store.

What are the system requirements for installing DineFly?

DineFly runs smoothly on any Android device (smartphone or tablet running version 4.0 or higher).

Can I take delivery orders on DineFly?

The DinePlan POS that comes with your DineFly installation is the one you use to take delivery orders.

Is DineFly runs standalone app ?

DineFly works together with DinePlan POS.

Is there a iPhone version of the app?

No. The majority of restaurants find Android-based devices more affordable than iOS-based ones, so that’s the platform we focus.

Do we need an Internet to use DineFly ?

Internet connectivity is not mandatory for DineFly.

DineFly works as long as it is on the same wi-fi network as your DinePlan POS installation; this will be ensured by our engineers at the time of implementation.

Is it possible to accept payments at the table?

Yes, DineFly can be used to accept payments at the table.

What printers DineFly Support ?

DineFly is compatible with bluetooth, network and USB printers that support the ubiquitous ESC/POS format.

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