Slice and Dice Reports

Analyse your sales in any which way you desire. By transaction, tickets, item category or items. Go at the microscopic level and dig in the insight you need.

Real-time, Accurate and Updated

Access information that’s updated constantly and accurate to the last penny. And get this all right on your mobile phone, whenever you need it.

Instant Understanding

With the comparison feature, you can easily analyse between two time periods and quickly adjust your pricing and promotion plan.

Virtually Manage Your Outlet(s)

DineLive relieves you of the need to be physically present in your outlet all the time. Take breaks or vacations at will and still monitor performance closely.

Monitor sales from anywhere.

Your smart virtual assistant.

Detailed Analysis

Understand your outlet performance in detail: transaction-wise, tenders-wise, location-wise, item-wise or tickets-wise. You name it, DineLive has it.

Android and iOS

DineLive is a top restaurant analytics app on both Android and iOS platforms. This is the only app high-performance restaurant owners and managers use.

Customized & Scheduled

Get your daily, weekly or monthly report customized fully for your needs and tastes. Then get them delivered in many formats automatically.

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With DineLive you can take orders from online to kitchen.