How To Enhance Your Customer Retention Campaigns For Restaurants

customer retention for restaurants

In the restaurant industry and for that matter in any industry focusing on both new customers and retaining older ones are essential. Loyal customers are very important for your business as they tend to repeat their orders, spend more, and also recommend it to their friends. Understanding the fact that it is expensive to acquire new customers. Apparently, the reason customer retention is necessary for all restaurant businesses. You can achieve customer retention by engaging with your customers. However, engaging with each customer on one-on-one is very challenging, great food and service alone may not suffice. Hence, comes the need for technology and a cloud-based restaurant management system that bridges this gap. So today, let’s learn how technology can enhance your Customer Retention Campaigns For Restaurants and boost your business.

How To Increase Customer Engagement and Retention

Customer engagement is imperative and absolutely unavoidable in any business. That’s why we all businesses have Customer Relationship Manager. Such an activity requires Time, resources, and a restaurant management system. Together these three generates interests in customers, turn them into retention and repeat customers. This is an ongoing process for all restaurants in order to sustain in the competition. In this article, we have explained the vital points of Customer Retention Campaigns For Restaurants, and how to achieve it.

  1. Reward Your Customers

The crucial part of customer engagement in a restaurant business is to get a first-time customer back again. When your customer comes for the second time, they become your returning customers. Finally, when they visit your restaurant again and again, then these customers become your repeat customers. Hence, the purpose of Customer engagement is to convert the returning customer into a repeat customer.

Of course, your good food, excellent services, exceptional hospitality, and great ambiance plays an important role. But there’s much more to explore and make your first-time customer to your repeat customer. So Loyalty programs have an important role to play in enticing your customers to your restaurant. Some of the examples are to offer reward points that can be redeemed into discounts or a free item on your menu.

One needs to customize loyalty programs as per your restaurant and the customer base in your local area. Dineplan Suite- A complete Restaurant Management software is fully integrated with such loyalty programs for your restaurant.

The important thing to notice while running loyalty programs is that the majority of your customers are inactive. Dineplan Suite supports cloud-based loyalty programs where your customer database is secured safely and can be utilized anytime. In fact, your customers can simply use their numbers, messages or emails to redeem their offers.

You can easily integrate any loyalty program with the Dineplan Suite software for the smooth running of your campaigns.

  1. Send them Greetings and Wishes

Another way of pleasing your customers is by treating them as special. What does it mean for your restaurant? It means to simply delight your customers by wishing them on their special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Your customers appreciate if you remember and wish them on their special days. Also, as people love to celebrate with their friends, the chances are they might end up showing up to your restaurant. In fact, the chances are, that your guests might be with their friends and end up ordering more.

Your offer will increase customer delight and also increase your sales. Also, if your POS software has integrated CRM, you can also track customer behavior and order history. In addition, you can also send them an email if your customer hasn’t visited you in a long time.

  1. Keep them Updated

Keeping your customers updated about an upcoming event is a great way of engaging and marketing. Tell your customers about the live band this weekend or the new food item or recipe launching this month. Simply make a calendar of events and send it to your customers so they can reserve a table that day.

  1. Feedback is Important

Feedback from customers about your services is very effective communication as it tells you about the scope of improvement. And when you work on them, it makes your customers feel valued. Also, you may like to share customers’ reviews with your other guests which will increase credibility to the restaurant.

Take customer feedback in the form of SMS, links, comment cards, or occasional emails about their views on your restaurant.

Your cloud-based pos software helps you to achieve hassle-free perfect paperless feedback. There is also a great idea to install a Tablet integrated with your pos software for Customers to give their feedback. A cloud-based management software ensures that all the feedback and insights are safely stored and are customized.

  1. Know Your Customers

Customer Relationship Management is a crucial area to enhance customer service and engagement. Nowadays technology has simplified this whole complicated task because let’s admit it’s difficult to manage all customers outside Restaurant. Dineplan Suite is integrated with a topmost CRM technology Edenred to swiftly and smartly manage your database. This CRM gives you complete information about the purchase and behavior patterns of your customers. You can extract this information in the form of reports with which you can make informed decisions.

If you have a brand with multiple outlets then your guests are not just for a particular outlet. This means your restaurant management software provides centralized CRM to share the data across the brand. This way your guests will feel loved in whichever outlet they visit. Its centralized CRM and loyalty program modules also allow the customers to redeem all the discounts and offer across the brand.

Popular Mediums To Achieve Customer Retention Campaigns For Restaurants

So far we have discussed how we can enhance the performance of our Customer Retention Campaigns For Restaurants. Now we will talk about what are the popular ways or channels to reach out to your customers.

Hence following are the most popular channels to increase customer engagement for your restaurants.

  1. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Social media is a very powerful tool for all businesses these days. Also, it is very useful and a very cost-effective method for your customer engagement campaigns. This means that most of your customers are active and influenced by the power of social media. Hence, strengthening your relationship with your customers through social media interaction can boost profits and brand awareness.

Some of the exciting tools are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promptly respond to customers’ comments. Run contests to increase engagement by asking customers to check-in on social media when they are at your restaurant. Being active on such a platform attracts more and more attention from your customers.

  1. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is another trusted and popular way of communicating with your customers. You may like to send your customers a welcome message and make them feel valued. Use catchy subject lines to grab the attention of your customers and increase your email opening rate. Make it a consistent habit to communicate in the form of announcements, events, greetings, and reminders.

You must regularly share Newsletters with your customers and better plan it well ahead in time. Some restaurant brands also offer discounts at their restaurants if they subscribe to your newsletter.

  1. SMS 

Lastly, SMS marketing is another famous communication channel with a high open-rate. It also converts most of your returning customers into repeat customers. The reason being at this is always stored in your customers’ message box which they access as and when they enter your restaurant. Call To Action or CTA is a very powerful tool that each of your campaigns must-have. CTA is an actionable content where along with the message you share a link to place an order to generate more sales.

Your POS software allows you to send regular SMS to keep your customers updated. This is especially beneficial for QSR’s as they witness the maximum number of delivery orders. For all online ordering, SMS is a great way to keep your customers updated about their order at each stage.

Dineplan Suite is one perfect Restaurant Management software that enables you to enhance your customer engagement and loyalty programs.

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