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Businesses must understand the need for embracing technology to advance their growth. The journey from electronic cash registers to legacy Point-of-Sale (POS) systems wasn’t an easy one. Over the period, even legacy POS systems have been evolved into cloud-based POS for efficient usage. There are many restaurants that are still using legacy POS systems. If you think your restaurant staff is not technologically literate enough to handle POS software, then this article is for you! Today, we will address the concerns of restaurateurs who are unable to decide why to shift to cloud POS software. Cloud technology is permeating at a very fast pace even in the Restaurant Industry.

If to date, you have been reluctant to embrace this cloud-based restaurant POS, then you must carefully read this article. Today, we are addressing the top most frequently asked questions regarding cloud technology for restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud-based Restaurant POS Software

Often we come across restaurateurs who still use legacy POS and are reluctant to implement cloud technology. Of course, change is scary but it is not difficult with us.

  1. What is cloud-based restaurant POS software?

Cloud computing is a technology where you can store, access as well as operate data online. This eliminates your dependency on your computer’s hard disk. In simpler words, your restaurant data is stored on remote servers which you can easily obtain anytime, anywhere from any web-enabled device. A cloud restaurant POS software can store information like customer details, sales, billing, monthly inventory, kitchen orders, and recipe details. This completely eliminates the need for reinstallation even if your system crashes.

Storing your restaurant data on cloud servers enables you to access it from anywhere, anytime, and from any web-enabled device. Isn’t that wonderful? You can simply monitor all the activities and operations in your restaurant without even being there.

  1. Is it important to be tech-savvy to use this software?

Cloud-based POS software is designed for keeping everyone in mind. Be it yourself or your staff. We understand that the restaurant staff is not technically equipped, which is why it is a user-friendly technology. It is easy to use, handle and does not even require rigorous training on the software. Nowadays, a cloud restaurant POS software has a simple interface that your staff with basic computing skills, can easily manage. Know more about Restaurant POS, here!

  1. Is implementing a Cloud Restaurant POS expensive?

It is a myth that technology is expensive to implement. However, let us tell you that using cloud technology with abundant services is much cheaper than using labor. It is significantly cheaper than your traditional legacy POS systems. A legacy POS system has complex hardware which requires installations and regular maintenance. This makes it all the more expensive for you to invest with no guarantee of data security.

Whereas, a cloud restaurant POS software, is a one-time installation and annual renewals with complete security of your data. Also, it does not require any reinstallations or maintenance. Above all, as it manages all other operations for which you hire staff, it helps you to reduce your labor costs as well. Read more about the ways, Dineplan Suite saves money!

  1. What makes it better from traditional legacy POS?

Cloud computing is the need for every business these days. Unlike the legacy POS system, the Cloud-based restaurant POS provides many more features. It acts as a one-stop solution for all your needs, be it billing, payments, online orders, third parties, vendors, etc. All of this is not available in your legacy POS. It even manages all your customer relationship programs as well as accounting and finances. Can all this be done by your traditional POS system?

So, we hope this article is useful for you to make a wise decision about your restaurant. In order to run and grow your business successfully, you must embrace technology to provide a better customer experience.

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