Benefits of Automated KOT generated from cloud management software

cloud management software and KOT

Nowadays, technology plays an important role in the restaurant industry. It is an indispensable tool for streamlining all restaurant operations and boosting business at the same time. Today we will talk about how restaurant KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) can be automated and integrated with your cloud management software. Although it sounds a very small part of your daily operations, however, it has a very critical role to play for restaurant ordering system.

KOT is an order note which is forwarded to the kitchen, and billing division. These days, a copy of the same is retained in the pos system for future references. The KOT primarily contains details related to the table number, items ordered and its quantity. Automated KOT generated from your pos system reduces the scope of manual mistakes, labor and definitely saves a lot of time. Not only this, but it also helps you with real-time reporting of all the orders at your restaurant which reduces monetary discrepancies. Does it still sound a small operational part of your restaurant business?

Why do you need Automated KOT?

In order to implement a technology like automated KOT, it is important for you to understand traditional KOTs. Let us break down the process of traditional restaurant KOTs.

  • Till now many restaurant waiters take order using carbon paper on their notepad. Typically it contains 3 copies, in Red, Yellow, and White.
  • Red KOT he gives to the Kitchen for preparation of the food. The same copy is kept within the kitchen and is sent to the audit team after the day ends.
  • The Yellow copy remains with the waiter until the food is served. This copy is then sent to the billing counter. The cashier at the counter then enters this copy in the system. These Yellow KOT copies are later sent to the audit department to create their jobs.
  • The white copy originally written in the notepad remains in the KOT pad for no use.

All of the above tasks are laborious, redundant, with much scope for errors. Furthermore, these actions cannot be accurately monitored and difficult to track the orders. Thus, in order to save time, effort and money, it is high time that you switch to an automated restaurant KOT system. This stellar feature comes handy in your restaurant management system which increases efficiency and reduces cost.

A smart restaurant POS system provides instant KOT generation. Not only this, but it also helps you with inventory management, daily operations, customer relationship management along with detailed reporting.

How An Automated KOT System Improves Restaurant Ordering and Kitchen Operations

An automated KOT system is easy to install and use. This kind of automation not only helps you managing orders and KOT but also contributes to the overall business. This will help you stay updated about every move in your restaurant and what all can be done to improve daily operations.

Benefits of using an automated restaurant KOT generation process for your restaurant operations are:

  1. Easy to Use

Orders can be instantly accepted into the POS. Orders can be simply punched into the system and the KOT is automatically generated. You can accept orders at the counter, or on Tablet. Since it is a touchscreen, it doesn’t require much training. Thus it makes it easy to use for everyone.

  1. Reduces Your Table Turnaround Rate

Implementing automation in your restaurant business will accelerate your table turnaround time. One can simply punch the order at the floor and the KOT is printed in the kitchen in real-time. This reduces the laborious task of running to the kitchen to handover the KOT manually.

This stellar feature helps you save time and energy since the data is captured automatically. It reduces table turnaround and the time taken to serve the customers. This increases your customer satisfaction as communicate, prepare and deliver faster than before.

In case you further want to digitize the system, you can implement, a Kitchen Display System (KDS) in your restaurant. Instead of a printing a paper-based KOT, the orders are directly displayed in the kitchen through display screens along with the order details.

  1. Integrate Online Food Ordering Apps

Streamlining online food ordering aggregators is the biggest challenge faced by restaurateurs. Orders received from ordering platforms such as Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, etc are difficult to compile and process. If you’re equipped with cloud management software in your restaurant, everything becomes easy to track and manage. One can instantly send KOTs generated from online order to the kitchen for preparation. Your automated restaurant KOT system enables you to directly accept orders in the cloud management software, then KOT is instantly generated and printed at the kitchen.

  1. Real-time Reports

This feature comes in-built in your pos software which gives you real-time reports. You can easily monitor and control your restaurant business through for all your outlets at multiple locations. This becomes possible through cloud management software, which links all your stores at one place.

  1. Reduces Discrepancies

Since you can have everyday sales and stock details on your fingertips, it helps in minimizing revenue leakage. For example, you will know the raw materials, which are there in stock and the ones that will have to be ordered. So, there are fewer chances of duplicate orders. You can also exercise theft control because you can keep a tab on the inflow and outflow of materials.

  1. Reduces Dependence on Manual Labour

With the previously mentioned traditional process, the waiter has to check-recheck the KOT. Automated restaurant KOT system instantly reduces those manual tasks and the labor costs involved in it. Also, it significantly reduces one of the big problems with wrong delivery. It contains the token number, which is also present on the bill.

  1. Low Investment

Nowadays, cloud management software is easy to install and easy to learn. You can take an annual subscription of your restaurant management software.
Your POS software has integrated KOT feature which reduces any additional costs. Since they are annually subscribed, these are usually affordable and help you bring improvement in the business.

You see, your automated restaurant KOT will accelerate your restaurant operations and reduce daily expenses.


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