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Now Enhance Customer Loyalty by Optimizing Online Ordering

restaurant point of sale software

Over the last few years, online food ordering has completely changed the face of the restaurant industry. It is considered as a proven restaurant marketing strategy in 21st century. Earlier restaurateurs were dependent only on walk-ins for sale but with such technological growth, they receive orders from various sources. To name a few, online aggregators, […]

How To Enhance Your Customer Retention Campaigns For Restaurants

customer retention for restaurants

In the restaurant industry and for that matter in any industry focusing on both new customers and retaining older ones are essential. Loyal customers are very important for your business as they tend to repeat their orders, spend more, and also recommend it to their friends. Understanding the fact that it is expensive to acquire new […]

10 Ways Restaurant Technology Is Optimizing Operations

restaurant technology

With the increase in competition and the introduction of restaurant technology, there’s a noticeable change in customer demands. Hence, the restaurateurs are going all out to automate the restaurant operations. This can be achieved only through implementing a smart restaurant technology that can optimize operations, and speeds processes. Implementing technology in your restaurant is a […]

Top 3 Must-Have Restaurant Technologies To Run A Successful Restaurant Business

Restaurant Technologies

We all know how glorious Restaurant Industry looks like from outside whereas in the inside we are fighting for survival. The reality of the restaurant industry is thin profit margins, increasing food and labor costs. Above all, the increasing competition gives no respite to restaurateurs either. Thus comes the need for restaurant technologies. Why Invest […]

Maintaining Consistency In Your Restaurant Business Across Multiple Outlets

pos software for restaurant chains

Brands which have multiple outlets or chains, it is always challenging to maintain consistency across all outlets. With various franchise models along with some company-owned outlet, it is daunting to maintain and tap the full potential of each outlet. Learn how you can deliver uniform experience and maintain consistency in your restaurant chains with the […]

7 Effective ways to Master Restaurant Inventory pos software

Restaurant inventory management is the key ingredient in running any successful restaurant business. If you keep neglecting the importance of even small stock losses now, it will pile up to cost you a huge amount in the long run. That’s why it is important for you to keep a close check on your restaurant inventory. […]

FSSAI – New Guidelines For Online Restaurant Business

Recent news of food delivering boy consuming the food ordered from the online restaurant business for customers raised many questions. Keeping this incident in mind and for future food safety for the customers, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has introduced strict guidelines for inspection and quality of food for both cooked […]

Smart Restaurant POS Provides Complete Restaurant Management

With the increasing competition in restaurants for good food, services, consumer ease, low cost, high-technology, a single integrated solution plays an important role in managing the restaurant.  It improves sales, operations, marketing and everything that leads to growth and customer satisfaction with ease. This is where smart restaurant POS (Point of Sale) software comes into […]

Get Started – Restaurant Business in India

Restaurant Business sounds exciting but it’s equally challenging to survive in the industry. Most of the restaurants fail within the first year either due to lack of planning or not keeping up with industry trends. The restaurant is a very rewarding business only if it is when planned well. Once you chalk down the entire […]

How to Start and a Run Restaurant Successfully

Wow! You have found a right place to start your own restaurant. We are RESTAURANT ENABLER who has worked with more than 1800 brands across 15 countries and we are expert in Running the Restaurant Successfully, Efficiently and Profitably through enabling the technologies. This is the one of the series of articles which explains the […]