How a Casual Dine POS Software improves your Daily Operations

casual dine pos software

Managing a casual dining restaurant is equally challenging like all other restaurants. But today we are going to discuss the areas which need your attention in order to streamline your daily operations, billing, kitchen, etc. And a big relief is, that all this can be done by automation, i.e, incorporating a robust casual dine pos software in your restaurant.

Your challenge is to increase sales, manage inventory to reduce food costs and manage staff attrition rate for labor costs. Not managing all these efficiently and optimally will lead to an increase in restaurant operating costs. Therefore, incorporating smart technology such as restaurant management software will resolve many such issues.

The Three Main Areas of Casual Dining Restaurant Optimised with a Casual Dine POS 

Managing operations of a casual dine restaurant can be categorized in 3 ways. All the daily activities which require your attention come under these 3 categories.

  1. Streamlining Order Taking and Billing Operations 

As a restaurant, you create an impact with not only good food but also with ambiance, experience, and overall services. A warm welcoming gesture received by the customers by your staff is important for customer retention. Further, minimize the table wait time for your customers for a great experience. A casual dining pos software helps you reduce table wait time and also boost your billing.

a) Order Taking:

A smart casual dining pos software enables your customer to order through tablets which further reduces any delays. It is both convenient and attractive for the customers. The pos software also increases your upselling by suggesting bestseller dishes and more customizing options.

b) Integration with Food Aggregators:

Nowadays, the dependency on food aggregators has increased, it is imperative that you include them into your business model. If you want to increase sales and overall profits, online food aggregators can contribute a lot to it. An ideal casual dining POS software will easily integrate these food aggregators, along with keeping a detailed report on the source for your maximum orders.

This information would help you further bifurcate which food aggregator platform works best for you. You can also run several promotional campaigns and discounts thereafter to increase your sales through these food aggregators.

c) Billing:

Out of all, in any casual dining restaurant, billing and transactions need to be the fastest service. Implementing a casual dining POS software at your restaurant makes all your transactions, billing, and discounts, all at one page. In addition, your casual dine POS software enables you to change the prices of your dishes.

ii) Streamlining Management Operations

Managing core operations is a very tedious task, be it the kitchen, inventory and other processes. Fully optimizing each process is very important to reduce rising costs and delays. Let’s see how a casual dine restaurant management software can streamline these core operations.

a) Integrated CRM:

Customer engagement and retention are other important areas to focus on in any restaurant. Your casual dining POS should provide an integrated CRM to manage all your customer data.

Your customer data in CRM may include details like birth dates, name, location, number, preferred dishes and order history. In order to fully utilize this data, you can run personalized loyalty campaigns for better results. You can run campaigns for feedback, discounts, festive seasons, etc.

b) Menu Engineering:

Menu Engineering is a crucial task which needs to be performed regularly in order to reduce food cost. A cloud-based pos software streamlines your operations and predicts the food costs and helps prepare a revised menu for your customers.

In addition, a casual dine POS helps you to identify your bestseller dishes and the non-performing ones to scrap from Menu. This way you can scrap the not so performing items and try experimenting with new dishes. Also, you can place the best-performing items at a prominent place in your menu for higher visibility and orders.  Check out our recent article on Menu Engineering for your restaurant.

c) Kitchen Display Management:

Your kitchen is the backbone of your restaurant! This doesn’t mean only how delicious your food is, but inside operations. Your kitchen’s efficient running means optimized food preparation time and no delay in orders, especially during peak hours. Kitchen Display Management incorporated with restaurant management software helps you manage order preparation in the kitchen efficiently. Click here to know more about Kitchen Display Management for your restaurant.

d) Inventory Management:

One of the critical areas to save food costs is by optimally using your inventory. Deep insight into consumed stock and forecast consumption makes your restaurant prepared. Maintaining an MIS for all the raw materials with their pricing and consumption details is a tedious task. However, with the help of restaurant management software, your tasks get automated and reduce labor and food costs.

Therefore, a casual dine POS software comes for your rescue! Your casual dine pos software can also estimate the wastage of food. You can learn more about the stellar ways of managing inventory Here.

iii) Streamlining Reporting And Analytics 

Though to some, it may sound unnecessary, however, to run a restaurant efficiently reports and analysis is a must activity. Having detailed reports handy makes managing a restaurant much easier. This is why you must look for cloud-based management software for your casual dining restaurant.

a) Reporting Module:

One of the major benefits of implementing technology and automation is that provides you statistical reports to analyze things realistically. With the help of Pos software, you can even know which dishes in your menu are performing better than others. Your cloud-based software provides daily sales, daily footfall, a number of discounts offered/ upselling and so on for complete insight at your restaurant.

b) Waiter Performance Analysis:

Of course, unlike any other businesses, restaurants have walk-in customers where they come by themselves. However, to increase the daily sales your front-line staff plays an equally important role. Hence, in order to increase your customers, upselling and cross-selling at your casual dining restaurant, it is imperative to monitor the performance of your front-line staff. Your robust casual dine POS management software enables you with live reporting of your staff’s attendance, and reports of their tables covers, upselling/discounts they have offered.

We must also understand the importance of staff training and staff performance analysis for the success of your Casual Dining restaurant.

c) Real-Time Report Analysis:

By now we all have understood how important regular reporting and analysis is for a restaurant to operate efficiently. Your restaurant management software has an advanced feature to provide you real-time reports as well as any selected period reports. Having a real-time report of daily operations and orders keeps you updated about each and every activity inside your restaurant. This way you are able to keep track, analyze the causes of lag and also make requisite amendments to enhance your services. You can learn about the various kinds of reports which you can explore with Dineplan Suite, Click here.

Hence, by now we hope you understand what all a casual dine pos software can do for your casual dining restaurant. You must think of incorporating this technology in your restaurant business immediately, to make the maximum profits.

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