DinePlan offers a suite of tightly focused restaurant management software that

  • quickly improve day-to-day operations
  • synchronize daily operations with long-term business objectives
  • Increase the brand value with strategic marketing

Customers that use the DinePlan software own a variety of restaurants, including fast food outlets, chain restaurants, cafeterias, sweet shops, fine dining places, and delivery-only operations. DinePlan has a strong hold in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Indonesia.

Factors that underpin the overwhelming success of DinePlan

  • 01Lightning fast implementationWe can install the entire platform, configure it, make required customizations and train your staff – in restaurants of any size – in a single business day. There’s no other quick and powerful solution like DinePlan.

  • 02The ultimate configurabilityWith DinePlan, you can set and modify workflows at lightning speed.

  • 03DinePlan is an "install-and-forget-it" type of solution.It needs virtually no ongoing maintenance or downtime.

  • 04Heavy dutyDinePlan offers an reliable performance in the busiest and largest restaurant operations the world. It can process millions of transactions with zero impact on performance.

  • 05Impeccable supportWe troubleshoot and fix errors over the web and phone. No need to register a ticket and wait on days together till the executive turns up.

  • 06Works both online and offlineYour business will never be at the mercy of poor Internet connectivity.

Brands that trust DinePlan To Run Their Restaurants Smoothly

Developed by Business and for Businesses

LevelFive has built restaurant management best practices into one smart software package, the DinePlan Suite.  

The DinePlan Suite has been perfected by engineers and domain experts from Singapore and Germany, two countries know for their product quality and execution skills.

DinePlan is a crucial ingredient of success in hundreds of restaurants across Asia and the world.

Achieve Greater Success

The DinePlan Suite helps you run a highly profitable restaurant, by streamlining operations and improving service quality.

The Hybrid software ensures that your executives service more customers in less time. A wide variety of restaurants have used DinePlan to drive instant and sustainable business results.

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