Month: October 2019

How To Enhance Your Customer Retention Campaigns For Restaurants

customer retention for restaurants

In the restaurant industry and for that matter in any industry focusing on both new customers and retaining older ones are essential. Loyal customers are very important for your business as they tend to repeat their orders, spend more, and also recommend it to their friends.¬†Understanding the fact that it is expensive to acquire new […]

10 Ways Restaurant Technology Is Optimizing Operations

restaurant technology

With the increase in competition and the introduction of restaurant technology, there‚Äôs a noticeable change in customer demands. Hence, the restaurateurs are going all out to automate the restaurant operations. This can be achieved only through implementing a smart restaurant technology that can optimize operations, and speeds processes. Implementing technology in your restaurant is a […]

How a Casual Dine POS Software improves your Daily Operations

casual dine pos software

Managing a casual dining restaurant is equally challenging like all other restaurants. But today we are going to discuss the areas which need your attention in order to streamline your daily operations, billing, kitchen, etc. And a big relief is, that all this can be done by automation, i.e, incorporating a robust casual dine pos […]