Month: September 2019

How a smart Fine Dine POS system streamline your complete Restaurant Operations

Fine dine pos system

Running a fine dining restaurant is an expensive venture and above running smoothly is a big challenge within itself. Starting from a luxurious ambiance to taking care of the guests, it is a challenging task. Hence, a fine dine technology partner can help you resolve all your challenges and optimize your restaurant business. Implementing a […]

Menu Engineering Mechanism can boost your Restaurant Business

Menu Engineering with restaurant pos system software

Menu engineering is a crucial practice of strategically planning your menu to boost restaurant profits. A restaurant pos system software will help you to identify the most popular and profitable ingredients for a better design. The entire process begins with analyzing the items and comparing the popular and profitable ones. This mechanism enables the restaurateur […]

Signs of Internal Theft In Restaurants – How a cloud-based restaurant pos can prevent it

restaurant internal theft and how cloud-based restaurant pos can help you

Internal pilferage and employee theft in restaurants have become widespread and common practice in the industry. Most of the restaurateurs are aware of misappropriations but, they are unable to identify the cause. A cloud-based restaurant pos will help you control internal theft. Despite taking various security measures, there’s always a possibility of internal theft in […]