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August 2019 – DinePlan

Month: August 2019

Kitchen Display Systems: How it can transform your Restaurant Kitchen

Kitchen Display System with restaurant management system

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are simply an ordering and information system that are installed in the kitchen to increase efficiency. Nowadays, with the ever-increasing Restaurant business, KDS is becoming necessary and popular for modern restaurants. They are even more important for quick service restaurants who have to deliver prompt services to customers. A Kitchen Display […]

How Restaurant Management System can reduce your Restaurant Costs

Restaurant Management system for Restaurant business

Rising restaurant costs and the inability to cover them is the reason why restaurants shut down every now and then. Witnessing a decent footfall does not guarantee profits unless you manage your restaurant costs well. It is hence important to monitor and control the costs with Restaurant Management System to run a successful business. What […]

Self Ordering Kiosks with restaurant management software – All you need to know for Quick Service Restaurants

restaurant management software for self ordering kiosks

Today we cannot deny the importance of technology and automation, they play a key role in your restaurant business success. Every single industry is fighting hard on hi-tech facilities to deliver improvised customer satisfaction and grow revenues. Nowadays many restaurant chains have adapted self-ordering kiosks integrated restaurant management software for boosting their sales and better […]

Benefits of Automated KOT generated from cloud management software

cloud management software and KOT

Nowadays, technology plays an important role in the restaurant industry. It is an indispensable tool for streamlining all restaurant operations and boosting business at the same time. Today we will talk about how restaurant KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) can be automated and integrated with your cloud management software. Although it sounds a very small part […]