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Welcome to DinePlan, your partner in elevating your restaurant management. Our software suite seamlessly integrates into your operations and is suitable for all F&B establishments. We offer affordable and user-friendly solutions to enhance your business efficiency. Join a community of thriving restaurants with DinePlan and request a demo today!


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Dineplan - Restaurant Management Software
Dineplan - Restaurant Management Software

Features of Our Restaurant Management Software Singapore

Seamless POS Integration

Advanced Inventory Control

Intuitive Menu Updates

Online Order Management

Efficient Queue Management

Mobile/Tablet Compatibility

Real-time Analytics

Our Restaurant Management Solutions

In-Store Software


Experience efficiency with our POS system for restaurants that helps streamline transactions, order processing, and billing for seamless operations.


This Android POS optimizes processes by offering an all-inclusive order placement, payment, and billing for F&B business efficiency.


An efficient waiter ordering application that enables simultaneous handling of multiple orders for enhanced and smooth service.


Optimize customer flow with DineQueue, a virtual queue management system ensuring efficient and organized wait times.

Backend Systems


It is an inventory management system that encompasses stock control, seamless menu updates, and much more. It will streamline your backend operations effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and efficiency from stockrooms to menu boards.


This kitchen display system is designed for optimal management of workflow. It helps enhance coordination and overall efficiency to ensure an organized culinary experience for your restaurant.



Explore the future of ordering with this innovative self ordering kiosk system. With a user-friendly interface, it allows your clients to place orders seamlessly, enhancing their dining experience and reducing wait times.


Embrace convenience with our online ordering system. Enable your customers to effortlessly place orders from their devices and expand your reach with a modern dining experience.

QR Ordering

Simplify the ordering process with this QR system. This type of restaurant management software allows customers to access menus, place orders, and make payments by scanning QR codes, fostering a contactless and efficient ordering system.

Specialized Restaurant Management Software Suites

Casual Dining

Elevate your multi-outlet business with this all-inclusive POS. It seamlessly integrates ordering, inventory management, self-service options, and online delivery to ensure a delightful dining experience at every location.

Quick Services

This QSR management suite is ideal for a fast-paced environment. From efficient delivery management to streamlined queue systems and centralized kitchen control, our user-friendly and intuitive design ensures service excellence.

Coffee Shops

Elevate coffee shop management with our comprehensive cloud-based software. This helps manage multiple channels, covering everything from inventory and ordering to menu updates and CRM.

Fast Causals

Tailored for bustling food courts, this restaurant management system is designed for streamlined operations. From quick orders to efficient table turnover, this solution ensures optimal performance.


Elevate your franchise operations with this tailored suite. From standardized POS systems to centralized inventory and reporting, ensure consistent quality across all franchise locations.


For expansive enterprises, this one delivers robust restaurant management solutions. Tailored for enterprise-scale demands, this solution enhances operational control and ensures a cohesive and efficient restaurant management experience.

Advantages of Using a Restaurant Management Software

  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Accurate Inventory Control
  • Improved Customer Experience:
  • Centralized Management
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Revenue
  • Time-Saving Automation

Why Choose Our Restaurant Management System Singapore?

Tailored Solutions

Each of our restaurant management system is designed to meet the unique needs of your business, providing customized solutions that enhance efficiency and adapt to your specific requirements.

User-Friendly Interface

Experience the simplicity of our intuitive interface, designed for easy adoption and seamless integration into your daily operations, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced productivity.

Dedicated Support

Choose us for not just the software but the ongoing support. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you at every step, ensuring that you have the guidance and assistance needed for a successful and optimized restaurant management experience.

Customers have consistently rated
Around 4.8/5 stars

How Does It Work?

Using basic skills you can improve your business stuff with Around

1. Customer satisfaction

In average check up to 97% of customers satisfied with dineplan services.

2. Over 2500+ Restaurant

In last 10 Years 2917+ Installations Over 7 countries

3. Increase in ROI

Increase your Restaurant Revenue 21% with Digital Ordering System

4.Up to 20% Increase

In average check & up to 50% reduction in wait staff costs

Distinctive Self Ordering Solutions

Functional in-house solutions integrated with POS software

One Stop Shop Restaurant Management System

Powerful Restaurant Management Solutions Suite


Complete POS Software and billing system helping restaurants F&B enterprise manage efficiently


Streamline F&B and restaurant operations with our Centralized Cloud-Based Backend Solution


Simple mobile application, which waiters can use at the table to take orders using a phone or a tablet


Deliver efficient experience to your guest with minimum to no waiting time to order food


Get your food business online and start selling with a customized online ordering system


Self-service kiosk serves as a place where customers can instantly place orders, make payments


An interactive kitchen that incorporates customer's tastes when making delectable meals


A specialized solution created to raise customer service and give live updates about about waiting time


Real-Time Sales Data Tracking and Analytics App which Analyzes the sales aids of the restaurants


Promoting unique businesses like food truck, fast food outlets, juice, ice cream shops and more


DinePlan is a complete POS and Billing solutions that assists F&B businesses in providing providing


DineConnect is a robust Cloud backend system supporting a wide range of functionalities functionalities.


Simple mobile application, which waiters can use at the table to take orders using a phone or a tablet.


DineMenu is a Self-ordering application for customers to place orders with a tablet or mobile.


Get your restaurant or food business online and start selling with a customized online ordering system.


Self-service kiosk serves as a place where customers can instantly place orders, make payments.


DineChef is an interactive kitchen display system. You can organize your kitchen, reduce errors.


DineQueue is reducing wait times, boosting customer service, and increasing production production.


Real-Time Sales Data Tracking and Analytics App that tracks the performances of different locations.


Excellent choice for businesses such as food trucks, juice and ice cream shops, fast foods and many others.

Elevating restaurants Enterprise with updated technology

Accelerating restaurant’s income via products using
Automation  Ideation  Integration

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